India Arie – Unconscious vs. Conscious Racism & Unfair Treatment of Artists | The Daily Show

Published on February 14, 2022

Multi-Grammy award winning artist India Arie unpacks the mistreatment of artists that caused her to leave Spotify, the unconscious versus conscious racism that surrounds Joe Rogan’s apology, and her life-changing moment with Maya Angelou. #DailyShow




  • Joonya Boonya 1 year ago

    But we ARE individuals with different cultures and beliefs but you can’t view that as a negative but more so as a positive and STOP trying to force your way of existing onto others. Live and let live.

    We must learn to acknowledge and celebrate our differences and I agree on having more messy conversations out in the open.

    We have to start meeting each other at the table and start having open and honest conversations with each other with the intention on better understanding each other.

  • YO SQUIDD 1 year ago

    Joe Rogan needs to rehabilitate himself first in order to be able to rehab his audience. Broke people fix broke people if they want to!

  • Joyce 1 year ago

    This was great.

  • BuJos 1 year ago

    Which black female thinker should be on his show? I’d love to become more educated on critical race theory, and a guest versed in that area would be dynamite. Thoughts?

  • Jonas Yong 1 year ago

    India is nothing but real, thanks for sharing and educating us.

  • Carshmee Ampereson 1 year ago

    I needed to hear this conversation. Thank you!

  • Creating a homestead in Colorado 1 year ago

    To admit the truth about society, they must first admit the truth about themselves. People are gnashing the teeth to not do this. We make jokes calling them social names like Karen and Darren, but it’s not funny when you see the reality of it all. The truth goes back centuries that they would rather forget than change the course of.

  • 101nka 1 year ago

    Indie Arie thank you so much

  • George Barrett 1 year ago

    I stand with Joe Rogan and free speech.

  • Cammy Ymmac 1 year ago

    Is Trevor blushing while speaking with India?

  • Themba Mnyele 1 year ago

    Spread ubuNtu!

  • parisbreakfast 1 year ago

    I would like to see Spotify appreciate their music artists more!

  • Libby Wiskowski 1 year ago

    Geez. This helped me alot trying to gain understanding of what is happening in the Healthcare field right now. Nurses, cna’s, Dr’s and so many Healthcare professionals having conversations. All over national united nurse March fb, nurse tik tok, healthcare tik tok. And a 12 yr end of life/memory care cna career. There is a subset of healthcare professionals who are racists, sexist and has discriminatory ideals like being anti vaxx/mask. You really just have to say well if they feel that maybe they aren’t inherently bad but definitely should not be in charge of people’s lives. We’re all people who at least at one point wants to help people. If you can’t keep up with continuing education well then maybe you should work somewhere else. Thank you.

  • Alvee Turner 1 year ago


  • Tyson Mckinney 1 year ago

    Thank you both for such a great conversation. I hope we can start to acknowledge the capacity for logic that the majority of society has. The “Triune Brain Theory” , along with the hierarchy of needs have a huge impact on an individuals thought process. People like “that guy” are generally stuck in a “mammalian brain” way of thinking,( binary, us and them) inspite of how intelligent they may think they are. We need to develop all parts of the brain, and the majority of people, generally, do not have the opportunity or survivalistic need to develop the higher parts of the brain. I hope more intelligent conversations like this one are allowed to educate those that are ignorant, ( vs. those that are willfully ignorant). Its a slow process, but as a wise man I grew up watching would say, “Keep the faith.” Allow for people to increase their tolerance for cognitive dissonance. Deep breaths.


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