If Trump wants to beat DeSantis, he may need to grab a pair of bad b****h boots #dailyshow #trump

Published on November 22, 2022


  • Otto Phil 1 year ago

    Trump vs desantiss, winner: democrats

  • Ginkgo Triloba 1 year ago

    Are these Reno 911 three payments boots ?

  • Delisha Brown 1 year ago

    Roy Wood Jr. Is crazy and funny! To requirements to be on the daily show. Now, I don’t mean he’s crazy like as in one of my cousins I mean he’s crazy like a fox.

  • Lorenzo Blum 1 year ago

    Unless among the classified documents he snatched, Trump’s got something on Desantis’ military secrets. Otherwise he might want to watch the Empire Files video regarding Ron ‘s Guantanamo commitment…

  • kwinzman 1 year ago

    It’s a tiny photo on a wall in a widescreen video. That widescreen video is letterboxed. And then that video is pillarboxed.
    And I wonder why I can’t see the boots on a 24 inch screen! f.u.

  • Sean Spartan 1 year ago

    DeSantis strutting around in them white thigh-high boots got me all worked up… swishin around letting everybody see dat nice a$$ in them tight jeans… /s

  • Geoffrey Tudor 1 year ago

    Whatever staffer decided to settle for WHITE muck-boots, showing the wearer never got near the flood zones, has a lot to answer for ( they DID give the same boots to President Biden, tho)! It’s very possible these were the only ones left on the shelf at Walgreen’s, lol!

  • MLG GAMER 1 year ago

    He’s not wrong. He’s a triple threat


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