“I Punched A Hole In Jennifer Aniston’s Dressing Room” – Matthew Perry On Chris Farley’s Death

Published on November 2, 2022

Matthew Perry speaks candidly about his struggle with addiction and tells Stephen how he reacted when he learned that his friend Chris Farley had passed away in 1997. Stick around for another segment with Matthew Perry and check out his book, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” available everywhere now. #Colbert #Friends #BigTerribleThing #MatthewPerry

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  • saimcheeda93 2 years ago

    Stephen is 5 years Older than Matt

  • bobbi.brewtality 2 years ago

    Some really brutally honest answers given here. Matthew said many things which I felt on a strong personal level. I wish him all the best and wellness

  • John Von Oldman 2 years ago

    Mr perry, packing for jail is not exactly what you were describing. As a drug addict packing for jail or packing your suitcase for jail is roto-rootering cocaine or Percocet something like that up your butt. Oddly enough love you to death hate friends. Love love love love love

  • Peter Gatliff 2 years ago

    I was told you need a higher power to stay sober. I remember in the Good Book God created the heavens and the earth. Thought about it. If he can do that no problem helping me. Coming up on 15 years sober.

  • Dr. Kev 2 years ago

    Has anyone noticed he’s missing part of his right middle finger?

  • Pratalax 2 years ago

    Tremendously powerful, arresting, honest words that not enough people get to hear or take to heart. Big ups to him for this.

  • Melvin Joseph 2 years ago

    Matthew Perry looks slightly younger than he did during the reunion. Good on him

  • Grace A 2 years ago

    Man this interview. The questions. The honesty. Thank you Colbert and Perry.

  • Patrick 2 years ago

    he looks and sounds so much better than during the reunion.. wish he had been at this level when they had that moment together

  • Alorah 아로라 2 years ago

    damn.. title of this video had me thinking that would be a funny story

  • Jeanette Schock 2 years ago

    God bless him. Glad he’s better

  • Jeremiah Burns 2 years ago

    What an awesome dude.

  • Rene Raftus 2 years ago

    TBH, he kinda seems like he’d be such an asshole behind the scenes


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