“I Loved Every Minute Of It” – Willie Nelson on His 90th Birthday Party Special

Published on November 3, 2023

Stephen pops out onto 53rd Street and joins Willie Nelson on his fabled tour bus for an intimate conversation about his life in music, including Willie’s incredible 90th birthday party which was captured for a special that will air on December 17th at 8:30/7:30c on CBS!

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  • Che Little 6 months ago

    I’d smoke with Willie 😉

  • W-Address 6 months ago

    Willie’s holds the honor of being the only person who can outsmoke Snoop Dogg Respect

  • tj hill 6 months ago

    Seems Willie really loves his life😊. Well done Willie!

  • louis bowles 6 months ago

    I got to see him for his 90th birthday concert it was fantastic(Long Live Willie!!)

  • Gee Gaw 6 months ago

    My brother loved willie nelson.
    That’s how i learned to love willie. I wasn’t a fan at first but he wouldn’t change the cassette. Yeah, it’s been a long time. Thanks for the memories.

  • Volcano Time-Lapse 6 months ago

    great interview! love Willie.

  • storytime118 6 months ago

    Keep rockin Willie. We all need you more then ever.

  • Vail Ryan 6 months ago

    Why couldn’t he come into the studio?

  • BobWeaver3000 6 months ago

    Willie!!! ❤🤍💙

  • Rico Costa 6 months ago

    The fact that he’s being inducted in the R&R just now tells you all need to know about that sham organization.

  • Vanghost_Art ~ IG 6 months ago

    Colbert is so cringe with all the really cool guests.

  • Ominkan 6 months ago

    Funny Stephen hold up a record album cover, not a CD. So back to record players. I know records are still made and old records are valuable.

  • Sharon Peterson 6 months ago

    I was curious at least ten years ago to see how many songs he had written. At that time it was estimated at 2500. Ten years ago!!

  • morris shaw 6 months ago

    my favourite is one he didn’t write, jimmy webb’s highwayman which willie performed with waylon, kris & johnny, it was always on my mind till the petshop boys ruined it but i don’t suppose willie cares as it was a big hit, elvis version for me but i do prefer willie’s version of crazy as it is as he wrote it & chooses to sing it, a subtle difference from the patsy cline version, which is different than the elvis costello version which i also love.

  • Vincent Devitt 6 months ago

    Slainte Willie ,
    From Tir na nOg !

  • UncleShaad 6 months ago

    Willie is more coherrent than a lot of people who are likely half his age… I hope you see many more years good sir!

  • Ke Le 6 months ago

    It’s about darn time Willie Nelson is inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE!!!! Thank you for all of your contributions to music and to American life!!! Thanks Stephen Colbert for this interview!

  • sevenirises 6 months ago

    Happy Birthday Willie!….and many more….

  • edgarcayce2.0 6 months ago

    Somehow I’m not surprised that Colbert didn’t ask him the most important question, which of course would have been: “What do you think is the key to longevity?”


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