Gutfeld: This seems crazy

Published on August 9, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to the leader of the South African Economic Freedom Fighters yelling ‘Kill the Boer,’ a reference to White farmers. #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • Race Bannon 4 months ago

    Mr. Melanin, come here and “Try That in a Small Town.” We’ll feed your carcass to the dogs.

  • Jason Fuller 4 months ago

    Gutfeld, you are such an angry lil’ elf, aren’t ya.

  • Teo Le 4 months ago

    Where was the New York Times when liberals ban “baby, it is cold outside”?

  • Podunk Citizen 4 months ago

    Getting rid of all the white farmers and giving their land to political cronies of color worked really well for Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

  • JasonKing 4 months ago

    I assume the majority of the whyte South Africans are of Dutch descent. The Netherlands should do something about it imo.

  • Ana Curry 4 months ago

    Let South Africa starve as they will deserve for running off or ki!!ing off the people whom know how to grow it.

  • Ben Hunter 4 months ago

    It was just a figurative statement of expression, not meant to be taken literally. Grow up, people. I’m white, and I wouldn’t hesitate to join that party!

  • ka ti 4 months ago


  • james webb 4 months ago

    According to latest data from geneticist’s by 2045 White Americans will be in the minority , for the first time in US history , under 50% . Don’t worry too much as Russia will still be White ,somewhere to seek asylum.

  • Arun Rashasegaran 4 months ago

    They took it out of Donald Trump’s playbook. Where is the “there are good people on both sides” now Greg?

  • Jos'e 4 months ago

    What country or city run by black people ain’t dangerous to live in.


    Who is South Africa and their president? They’ve been selling the gold mines to China and that’s the South African president doing that to the African people.

  • Edward Carnajz 4 months ago

    Or have thay hiy chanting it, assassinated.
    Just saying

  • Dennis Hungerford 4 months ago

    CRAZY is as crazy does.
    Listen closely to what is said.

  • Hobbit Homes 4 months ago

    Notice the man never said why anyone cares about his sexual oreferences

  • connie vampola 4 months ago

    What does he think about the Russians troops in his country 🤔

  • Roxanne Vlogs 4 months ago

    Laurence Tribe remember that name. We can have different political views that’s our democracy but to lie, cheat and plan an insurrection just because your guy lost, is unAmerican. No American should be ok with that. Read the indictments, Trump is going to prison. Plenty of prison cells for his cult because America is too established 🇺🇸

  • byron jensen 4 months ago

    funny left acknowledges their culture while destroying statues in the USA . Typical Demonrat gaslighting.

  • Peter Cholmondeley 4 months ago

    DJT in last 48 hr: Me Me I Me Me Me I Me I Me etc. Biden same time: We Us We We Us We We We Us etc. 😊

  • Ken Tonge 4 months ago

    Dont try that in a small town. Makes sense to me.


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