Gutfeld: This COVID lab leak story is such a big deal

Published on February 28, 2023

Greg Gutfeld and his guests discuss the Department of Energy’s apparent backing of the idea that COVID-19 was leaked from a lab on ‘Gutfeld!’ #FoxNews #Gutfeld!

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  • Nnfefe 12 months ago

    Under the watch of what president did COVID break loose?

  • 2darknight 12 months ago

    Anyone who knows anything about probabilities understood at the start that this came from the lab. How the government has no one with math skills is unacceptable. 42 BSL-4 labs in the world and the virus started at the fish market in one of the 42 lab cities . . . my God, how braindead are the people that listened to the nightly news and thought, yeah, that could be right! The media in every country that pushed this narrative should be held accountable for treason in their respective countries…

  • Peter Perro 12 months ago

    Hey all you bozos driving your electric vehicles because you think you’re doing the planets so much good why don’t you research where materials for your green new vehicle come from the suffering and the degradation of human beings Supply you with a fake false alternative for driving your fancy cars look ma I just have to plug it in and it runs on nothing you’re all idiots

  • 𝔻 𝕒 𝕧 𝕖 ℙ 𝕒 𝕟 𝕥 𝕤 12 months ago

    3 years later…they’re repeating what was known from the beginning and pretending like something is actually going to be done about it now…until of course the next, “corruption du jour”…

  • DANIEL GONZALEZ 12 months ago

    What are the worl war games???

  • Alipotamus 12 months ago

    I need Greg daily. No one else comes close !

  • George Price 12 months ago

    I have covid-19 now started feeling really bad 3 days ago this is day 4 and I’m starting to feel a little better and in this really sucks. I remember hearing some of the experts claiming 3 years ago when covid first hit the streets it was much more deadlier that I can believe in that virus has become weaker over time I pray that also right now it’s doing a real good job of keeping me sick with fever. Hot and cold I pray for all the people who had it before when it was much stronger and worse. I think we should call out China on this

  • Craig Bromiley 12 months ago

    Remember the gal that used to work at the lab that said it came from the lab. Someone needs to apologize to her. Find her Fox. You had her on Fox back then. Bring her back.

  • half-breed 12 months ago

    Rupert Murdoch testified all fox hosts are total garbage and spew trash for ratings not truth !

  • Kaspar 12 months ago

    i’m not even a supporter but the only true justice for this atrocity would be a Trump second term right down their f’in throats. FJB and F his army of evil swine.

  • K lawler 12 months ago

    The labs that fau ci ran are the ones that leaked covid

  • Bob Crump 12 months ago

    What angers me the most about all this is the vaccine mandates that caused so many brave and wonderful 1st responders and soldiers to be discharged from their jobs for refusing the jab. Also every other employee that was terminated that way.

  • TC Murray 12 months ago

    Libs are the biggest threat to the country. Compared to internationally planted and leak of COVID.


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