Gutfeld: Sunny Hostin and ‘The View’ co-hosts are clucking stupid stuff

Published on March 16, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ co-hosts weigh in on ‘The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin bragging about not being to a supermarket in three years.
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  • Seymour Wrasse 1 year ago

    If Poopie Oldturd gets any fatter, she will block The View

  • Mason Hunter 1 year ago

    Gurfeld would be a good addition to The View. On an equal credibility level, but with the opposite opinions.

  • Daniel Hay 1 year ago

    Good Job Kat!!! Lay it down Lady!!

  • Corey 1 year ago

    Once again, Kat with the best take of all.

  • Ray Carroll 1 year ago

    The View is where Brain Cells go to Die.

  • James Vincent 1 year ago

    Whoever (Gene? Jean?) wrote the Cheers/the View lyrics really missed the chance to dig at Sunny for not using her ethnic first name… just sayin

  • Joesph Matranga 1 year ago

    The men hating hags on the View are all two faced and ugly. The nose on Sunny looks shaved to resemble

  • Amplesolitudewith666 1 year ago

    Greg Gutfeld is the sexiest Leprechaun I have ever seen. Well stroke me clover and stew me some cabbage it’s saint patties day. I’m going dark for a bit gonna let the impurities settle and collect so I have more fun cleaning it up. I love you guys!

  • brian dwiggins 1 year ago

    Their utter sanctimony is what pukes me out.

  • Raynona Bohrer 1 year ago

    I just love Kat

  • Patrick Bailey 1 year ago

    Thank you Greg. PERIOD.

  • Scott Reed 1 year ago

    Love me some Kat.

  • SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 1 year ago


  • flugsven 1 year ago

    They are my choise over this boring old sod every day of the week.
    Btw she’s one of the more measured show hosts I know. Btw, it’s pretty common ordering groceries in Sweden. And you’re not fun. Check out John Oliver and study him.
    It IS funny though that the wealth protectors Pretend to look out for the regular americans , while lying them full on purpose on teve day in day out, and Repub polititians vote against their best interst Every time, then go home and take credit for bills they voted against.
    These ladies on the view are upper middle class and they have never Pretended to stand up forthe poor like you hypocrites.


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