Gutfeld: NPR’s emoji issue

Published on February 10, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to the NPR story about the color options for the thumbs-up emoji.
#FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • Don Stevens 2 years ago

    Black Thumb, sounds like a new metal band!

  • robert longbrake 2 years ago

    Why do we use black letters in front of a white background. What is this? the civil war? We need to bring back chalkboards. To even the playing field. Racists.

  • Constitutionalist 2 years ago

    Whoa, stop with the pregnant men bashing all ready…I heard a rumor that soon it will be possible to conceive in the lab, shove it up a man’s rectum and deliver a baby…let’s hope Pelosi doesn’t come up with a “Man’s Rights Bill” to waste more of our tax $$$s.

  • blackdogleg 2 years ago

    all emojis are yellow. I am not searching through 500 of them also who is yellow?

  • Fish 🐠 2 years ago

    NPR is a den of whack jobs

  • Aaron Asmus 2 years ago

    Well,it looks like there is a white one now,so we can give the yellow one to our Asian users.Problem solved. Next problem please.

  • Neil Barnes 2 years ago

    the facebook thumb is blue and comes in dtffernt sizes if you hold and click on it…

  • SeanWyseman 2 years ago

    I feel extremely under-represented as a white male. There is NO ‘white thumbs up’ in my social media. It’s yellow. There is no white one. I’m an under-represented minority & will now contact the ACLU to straighten this out.

  • Catherine Burk 2 years ago

    It comes from npr so that means that it was funded by taxpayers funds.

  • Sun 2 years ago

    Why aren’t folks inclined to dissuade people away from racism by encouraging them that they are trying to be something they’re not. Like , “Hey! You’re not racist! Quit trying to be something your not.”
    Tyrus is Carmel.
    Tell Kat that drug dogs are trained to brk upon hitting an automobile from an early stage.
    (Translucent Thumbs Up Emoji)

  • Big Bich 2 years ago

    Why were they fighting in the first place? The history of fighting gets us nowhere real fast but for some odd reason fighting each other seems to be the only way we know how to live. We live to close to each other. All this building up and not out is causing way too many problems.

  • Scott Starboard 2 years ago

    You know how I know you’re black Tyrus….bcuz you tell me every 5 minutes. Not bcuz I can see it. You look white to And either way.. it doesn’t matter…so, stop worrying about it so much. Just be cool & funny & do great things..

  • NICOLAS DRUDA 2 years ago

    Let’s go Brandon.


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