Gutfeld discovers who really broke up The Beatles

Published on October 12, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel reacts to a new BBC interview with Paul McCartney #FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • Bob Furman 2 years ago

    …and yes,you are the only person,who thinks The Beatles were over rated!!!

  • Mark Stansbury 2 years ago

    Stones are Boss

  • Abdul El-Zarif 2 years ago

    Buck is right, The Beatles ARE overrated.

  • Manuel 2 years ago

    I liked Caveman. I still remember “zug zug”

  • Ching Ching 2 years ago

    When someone says The Beatles are a bit overrated I always say: compared to what?

  • Wes Clark 2 years ago

    They wouldn’t have put out lesser quality product if George Martin had any involvement with it.

    That being said, I think “Let It Be” is one of their weaker albums.

    Also, Greg, stick to politics.

  • King Rex 2 years ago

    I agree that the Beatles are a little overrated. They are good, but they aren’t the “end all” that they are made out to be.

  • WhenTokoloshSays 2 years ago

    Kat is my favourite

  • phukit 2 years ago

    Buck needs to stay in his lane and bow out of this conversation. Was not into the Beatles, but they are by far the greatest musical act ever.

  • John Butler 2 years ago

    Kat. Beatles on vinyl. OMG – I think I’m in LOVE

  • Allen Heasley 2 years ago

    i agree about about fhe beatles being overrated.

  • Cristi C 2 years ago

    The Beatles hype is so big (still) that I start to wonder if I will survive without listening ever Beatles. F. U. Beatles, with the fake hype. I will test if I can survive without you.

  • Bob Hickman 2 years ago

    Kat tore a new hole in Buck. Saw the Beatles 65 at Hollywood Bowl. Saw them 66 at Dodger Stadium. Excellent. Best and most influential musicians of the last century.

  • jerry coleman 1 year ago

    Not only does Buck Sexton think he is cool by saying the Beatles are overrated–(And Kat Lit him up on it ) he thinks no one listens to vinyl. This guy is clueless!!

  • Derek Wilson 1 year ago

    Is the Beatles were a band today I don’t think they would be popular at all that’s just my view I I honestly don’t really care for the Beatles. And saying that you’re bigger than Jesus is not a good thing

  • Mike Edgcomb 1 year ago

    Kat got buck baby. N shes got perdy feet.

  • Joseph Caltagirone 1 year ago

    Time broke up the Beatles. They grew up and went out on top!


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