‘Gutfeld!’ answers questions from the fans

Published on November 25, 2023

Greg Gutfeld and guests answer some viewer mail questions from the show’s fans on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  • A. Jones 3 months ago

    Getting the “homeless” a home won’t necessarily work. First, you need to define what “homeless” means. They don’t OWN home? They have shelter with a family memeber, but they don’t “own or rent” their own abode? Or, they choose to do drugs and thus even though they are given a “home” (apartment, etc.) they can’t keep it because they use all of their time and money on getting more drugs? We have helped several homeless people get off the streets, and they can’t maintain a “home”. They would lose it because they stayed on drugs and/or ran a brothel out of the “home”. They lost the home because of these issues. Get rid of the DRUG DEALERS and get the drug addicted homeless in good recovery programs! That will reduce the number of homeless – who can maintain a home and a job.

  • J. Milkbuck816 3 months ago

    Tactically nothing

  • Dave Theseller 3 months ago

    Trump Ruined the American Dream giving away over 7 Trillion dollars in Tax Revenues to the Rich….Don’t Ruin it for good voting for this Criminal🇺🇸
    Trump 2024 Prison 🎉

  • AB 3 months ago

    Hilarious block!!!

  • Gertjan A 3 months ago

    If fans can think along and ask questions, then I have a good one for your program. How about you take an IQ test during your broadcast 😉Gr from the Netherlands 🧡🧡

  • Dave Murray 3 months ago


  • Edward Beenken 3 months ago

    If you want them to be homeless quit giving them because when you give people stuff they ain’t going to do anything for it people need to stop giving

  • Greta Tagliavia 3 months ago

    Favorite nature sound is the wind through the trees

  • I21oIoIl3 3 months ago

    Female mosquitos are the only ones which bite.

  • AndrewA 3 months ago

    The sound of vegans & Democrats being morally superior.

  • Bubba Hottep 3 months ago

    Ask in Palestine …

  • Thomas Zanzal 3 months ago

    My favorite nature sounds , deep woods , absolute silence —– absolute.
    My least favorite nature sound —- the incessant useless chatter of human society — like a talk show.


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