Gutfeld: All it took was a little Trump and a lot of wokeism

Published on February 18, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses the legacy of P.J. O’Rourke and the ‘Woke Infection’ in the modern Democratic Party.
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  • D R 2 years ago

    Thanks for the PJ comments~

  • Feather 2 years ago

    Greg, new material. Kat,Tyrus, be grateful for the people around you. Just saying since I have watched you for decades

  • Big Daddy 2 years ago

    Rush pointed out some time ago that Trump was not an ideologue.

  • Diana Thornton 2 years ago

    The right does fun cleanly, not hedonism; God, family country.

  • John jcc 2 years ago

    Like the new hair cutt

  • John jcc 2 years ago

    Greg show I’d s good

  • Thomas Dillon 2 years ago

    Wokeism has freed me to assume my true identity. I’m no longer a multiracial male. I’m a black Chevy pickup truck with rims. In the name of being WOKE my reply to this video is VROOOOM VROOOOM! And I mean it VROOOOM VROOOOM VROOOOM!!!

  • The Salad Man 2 years ago

    I like to think that Mormons and The Democrat Party are more alike than they seem.
    One is a group of tight-lipped no nonsense fanatic judgementals who believe they’re in the right. And the other is the Mormon faith.

  • Space Private 2 years ago

    GG’s on break so it’s reruns for now. First, Just a Brilliant opening monolog Sir GG. worth watchin again . . and THEN, Janice, Kat, T.W. and Tyrus ALL brought their A Game . . Gr8 Show, one of ur Best GG & Co.!

  • Christopher Harrison 2 years ago

    The Chinese restaurant down the street give me a break dude The WOK

  • Brian Jones 2 years ago

    He speaks crap

  • Fab Z 2 years ago

    miss the good laughs at 11pm.
    Can we have a one hour break from the nightly blood & horror? Specially when you run the same footage over & over?

  • emaN leaR 2 years ago

    Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld Mocks Canadian Military
    Of course faux news removed the original but …….
    Use these search terms “Red Eye gutfeld insults Canadians”

  • Keith Dovoric 2 years ago

    “Meet the new boss…”

    Wokeism, cancel culture… these are merely the latest guises of N. Hawthorne’s torch-bearing, scarlet letter-assigning mob. Wokeism is the New Puritanism, minus the black hats with large belt buckles on them.

  • Marta Tavera 1 year ago

    Problen no me ynporta su bida no

  • Marta Tavera 1 year ago

    Problema gente ya mando gente

  • Kris Dagostino 1 year ago

    Kat is right. And it’s crazy!


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