Gutfeld: According to Nancy Pelosi, Kamala ‘doesn’t do that much’

Published on September 15, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to liberal columnists and members of the Democratic Party reconsidering the Biden-Harris ticket for 2024.
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  • Paivi Project 3 months ago

    Hah haa, I totally agree with you guys. I love how Pelosi told the world that Kamala don’t do much. It’s not the number. It’s all about how much your head is still together once you reach that older age. Biden clearly has lost it long time ago !!

  • Bill 3 months ago

    I dont like peloci. but if she says something … i listen.

  • Byron Jordan 3 months ago

    If nancy is saying this. It means Harris is doing a good job. We know we can’t believe what nancy says.

  • David 3 months ago

    With Joe Biden it’s a double whammy he’s been lying his whole political career and no one ever questioned his lies and life goes on . Then he became Vice president and decided to get corrupt and enrich him and his family. The problem is now though his corruption has come to surface and it’s obvious he’s a crook but when he’s confronted on his corruption he continues to lie no matter how obvious it is because why not? He’s always lied and been able to get away with it so why would he not continue to lie when it’s always worked for him in the past. But now he’s having a hard time understanding why a whole lot of America doesn’t believe him any longer when they did in the past. Its like we’re suppose to believe him with no questions asked and then he gets angry when he is questioned about the most obvious lies and lies again to cover up his past lies and thus here’s Joe Biden the Pathological liar…

  • john vela 3 months ago

    Pelosi is such a witch. I would like to see her and Kamala Harris in an interview together. That would be a per view extravaganza worth watching.

  • tom a 3 months ago

    joe can’t go until all the legal damage is done… then he shuffles away without any thing new being dug up on the horizon

  • jbrisby 3 months ago

    It’s not about age, it’s about Biden specifically.

  • Taelor Watson 3 months ago

    Biden has done so much. He doesn’t need to do anymore, except pardon his family.

    Kamala’s job is to do nothing and she still under qualified.

  • Siyabonga Nqayana 3 months ago

    Trump does not need a sit around republican vice president he needs a democrat he has to tell to do that and this, make him run around fixing what they messed up

  • OrangeJumpsuit 3 months ago

    ME! I’m the greatest Person ever! I’m smart! I am full of Love! I am the greatest Traitor and Rapist ever! MAGA! Send me money.

  • Zeke Lucente 3 months ago

    It’s Biden’s clear cognitive decline more than his age. The puppet masters have always done this in their desire to maintain power. Feinstein, Fetterman…

  • Tyler Lawler 3 months ago

    Hey Gutfeld… Robert O’Neil got arrested in Texas on my vacation.

  • B hole 3 months ago

    Biden to stupid to drop out

  • mike odonnell 3 months ago

    are you people blind? Hillary will jump in

  • R Fletch 3 months ago

    Mom and Dad both died from Alzheimer’s, and Biden has all the earmarks.

  • valley boy 75 3 months ago

    Let it rain… fire. Mr.

  • Hcraretep 3 months ago

    Shillue Biden’s laying low .Must be hiding from impeachment.😅😅😅

  • Kartik Gopal 3 months ago

    Kamala stinks..she is not as qualified as vivek period..

  • Jerry Allen 3 months ago

    How is david ignatius still not behind bars

  • Shane Cox 3 months ago

    The VP is an extension of the President and therefore has the same powers just he must run it by his boss first.If a good VP was assigned to the border,they would overhaul the system to solve it with the president’s permission coming from the VP recommendations.That is the proper role alot of people forget.If anything,the VP is basically every secretary’s power but has to get direct permission everytime.


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