Guest Host Sean Hayes on Vaccine Hesitancy, Making Out with Julie Bowen & A Big Honeymoon Surprise

Published on August 18, 2021

Sean Hayes makes his triumphant return as guest host and talks about kissing Julie Bowen, recent in-flight incidents where crew members had to duct tape unruly passengers, a tissue used by soccer star Lionel Messi being sold for one million dollars, the winner of tonight’s award for “Excellence in Reporting” from WAPT in Jackson, Mississippi, Pope Francis encouraging people to get the vaccine, Dr. Sean answers some questions about getting vaccinated, and we welcome a Healthcare Hero couple whose wedding Sean officiated on our show last year to give them an exciting surprise.


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  • Smokin Louie 2 years ago

    $500.00 for the tissue now. Hate I can’t watch the Sean Hayes auction. Kimmel’s fakes, it’s like he is not on vacation.

  • G Sandoval 2 years ago

    I like this guy Sean. He’s so funny 🤣 I just wish I’d recognize him, Idk what he’s famous for 😅

  • A A 2 years ago

    We people in VN are drowning in Covid19 now, so that flight ticket is almost like a death sentence 😷


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  • S P Y D A M A N 2 years ago

    just another government puppet to try to get you to take the shot🙄 these people are desperate😂

  • jay double U 2 years ago


  • Scott Hong 2 years ago

    Sean seems taller now ?

  • Morisejko Moriss 2 years ago

    3 gays

  • Carrie Raupp 2 years ago

    Cool paper gift for 1st anniversary

  • Mother Hen 2 years ago

    Keep vaccinating it’s clearly ending the pandemic. Sarcasm

  • B squared 2 years ago

    they’re so cute.

  • Vince F 2 years ago

    JUST SEAN‼️😃

  • Douglas Warner 2 years ago

    13:51 💝 Terrific gift!! 🎁

  • Miriam McGee 2 years ago

    Should have given them the tissue…. thats paper technically.

  • Carolyn McMickle 2 years ago

    OMG I ♥️ Sean Hayes, so glad to see Guillermo well 🥳

  • Christopher Raymond 2 years ago

    Great job Sean!

  • Kathi Sabot 2 years ago

    Sean is the best substitute host thus far. He is skillful and can read the scripted jokes on prompt cards in a natural rhythm that is truly entertaining.
    It seems the writers for the show have kept the content the same regardless of the sub-host, and jokes written in particular style for Jimmy K. obviously don’t suit all entertainers equally. Sean was able to use his timing and wit to raise the bar and entertain us.

  • Ian Mccombie 2 years ago

    That last part was so sweet, those men deserve each other and I hope their trip binds them together more than ever.

  • Rainy Days 2 years ago

    What’s wrong with Seans voice??

  • Giang Trường 2 years ago

    From Vietnam: Don’t come here. The virus is ferocious right now


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