FDA Warns People Not to Use Horse De-Wormer Ivermectin to Treat COVID: A Closer Look

Published on August 26, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at the FDA warning people not to take livestock de-wormer as GOP politicians continue to oppose mask and vaccine mandates.

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  • Steve Colarik 10 months ago

    You dont call staff on a yacht waiters/waitresses, you call them stewards and stewardesses, A.K.A. “Yacht-Stew”

  • Chris Robinson 10 months ago

    They should encourage it! If it causes brain damage no one would ever be able to tell the difference.

  • Sara Lesperance 10 months ago

    Sadly, you can’t fix stupid

  • eaf27 10 months ago

    Nope I say let people do it. I’m aligning more and more with the late George Carlin in the passive eugenics movement.

  • Stephen Engel 10 months ago

    Darwinism do your thing!!!

  • Vinyl or Die 10 months ago

    Correction: Ivermectin is given to horses in apple flavored paste form and not pills (?)

  • Lenardz 10 months ago

    Turns out, the Republicans were telling the truth when they said they’re not sheeps. They’re actually cows.

  • Anthony Grider 10 months ago

    Well see what most don’t get is this virus is still here, alive and well, making people sick and killing daily!! Its not like polio and is history, no its here right now!!

    It is making every age group sick and some dying right now! If it keeps mutating and keeps getting stronger, it will affect us all either one by one or gruops!! If not stopped we are headed in a very bad situation!!

    Some say this is like the flu, well the flu is mostly seasonal, mostly around the cold months, this virus is all year round!! It infects, makes people sick and kills daily non stop!! It doesn’t go away for a few months, its daily!! Duh!!!

    Don’t you get it yet, this is a very bad virus like it is and if allowed to get stronger, there will be no stopping it!! That’s why trump and all republicans in office, if they want to admit it or not has gotten the vaccine, they know how bad it is!! Duh!! The question is why are they killing their own voters is what I don’t understand!!

    That’s why its so important to mask up and get vaccinated, until this thing is killed off like polio and in our history, soon we may not have a history to tell!! Duh!! So mask up, get the vaccine, grow up, shut up and lets kill this crap and make it history like polio and smallpox!!! Or do nothing and wait for it to get stronger and it come knocking at your door and then it’ll be too late!!!

  • Laurie Smith 10 months ago

    When All poison control phone banks are overwhelmed with calls in Southern Red States because Fox Fake News & Republican Pundits tell Republican Americans to Ingest Deworming Medicine used for Cattle & Horses…..⁉️
    These Trump Americans must Quit Claiming that They’re not Sheep & Stop taking Drugs used for Herd Animals‼️

  • 傭兵Cloud 10 months ago

    They took medicine that’s meant for horses Instead of taking the ones that are literally made to stop the Covid-19 ? These people are just proud of being stupidly reckless.

  • GoGreen1977 10 months ago

    Governors such as Kemp, Abbott, and DeSantis seem to be in a race to see who can have the highest COVID surge and the most COVID deaths. This is unbelievable but it’s happening!

  • Lou Spowels 10 months ago

    9:45 “It’s _literally_ horse pills”

    Seth, it says *PASTE* right-fucking-there.

  • Johnny Antonini 10 months ago

    CORRECTION! It does say “FOR HORSE ONLY” on the box!

  • Agent Orange 10 months ago

    .,they are full of horse $#!t soooo

  • James Dykes 10 months ago

    Why are we protecting these idiots?

  • Sergesedd22 10 months ago


  • L. A. Gothro 10 months ago

    The same people who won’t get vaccinated are probably really high on using all those bug- and weed-killers around their homes. (pun intended?)

  • Maj_Cyric 10 months ago

    Well if

  • Sir Knits A Lot 10 months ago

    Ivermectin is used as an anti-parasitic for humans but I’m not sure where the feed store thing originated.

    I wonder who was the first guy to take the horse version.


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