Everything Is Stupid – Trendy Chicken Coops for the Rich | The Daily Show



  • Daniel Adler 3 years ago

    If i was in that neighborhood I’d keep some foxes as a pet… i wouldn’t have to feed them lol

  • Aakanksha Dimri 3 years ago

    How cute is Ronnie’s accent.

  • Nicholas Saephanh 3 years ago

    Techie here in silicon valley. The fact that you guys fans of this show, probably hipsters and techies as well, hurts my brain and heart at how offended you are by this COMEDY ROUTINE. Most of you know home raised chickens are delicious, eco friendly, and awesome to have something physically and tangibly rewarding after working with software all day.

    This skit preys on hipster culture at its highest. Makes fun of our ways of life by extrapolating an interesting story and attacking common core beliefs like: “minimalist living to decrease my carbon footprint. Ultra organic vegan diet to save the feelings of farmed animals and reduce my green house gas production. 3 hour hot yoga meditation sessions because thinking and stretching are things the modern world doesn’t appreciate anymore. ”
    We got trolled. It was hilarious, well written, and delivered with a very suave comedic timing.

    Most of these comments have the same vibe as the far right-wings who come here and call everyone liberal cux. Which makes you guys hypocrites to your own ideals of humanity and morality.

  • HenryManson 3 years ago

    honestly?! having a beehive is soooo much cooler then chickens! and the reaction to a swarm of angry bees is priceless!

  • Scorpius Jones 3 years ago

    “Chicken pussy” ?

  • tattoo bobby 3 years ago

    Chicken pussy tho hahah

  • sailingbrewer 3 years ago

    Son of a silicon valley public school teacher. We had 3 chickens and a veggie garden. One use to lay blue eggs to. We didn’t go all out thou. And we almost got bees

  • H Lee 3 years ago


  • Trying to Banning me motherfucker? 3 years ago

    Bragging about it? What the f? Are they triggered SJW pussy? ?

  • Gigi S 3 years ago

    Yeah providing for yourself sounds really insane! Go back to playing with your iPhone and leave the things you don’t understand to the people who do.

  • MsMistyMaiden 3 years ago

    He clearly has never had chickens or fresh eggs from the coop for breakfast.

  • 00tree 3 years ago

    LOL Ronny is funny as shit!

  • normie x 3 years ago

    Tell you what: In Romania most countryside people raise chickens in their back yards, it`s a way of getting meat and eggs. Ever tried eggs with no chemicals in them or the chicken? They`re really good. Much better than anything you buy from a store. Same with pork, milk, cheese and honey.

  • Ted Rees 3 years ago

    The whole clip based on the idea that there are thousands, ten thousand chicken coops in Silicon Valley? Those numbers are crazy. I live hear and have never seen a chicken, or heard a rooster.

  • Pao Lee 3 years ago

    That’s why they are rich. They are weird. seriously.

  • Lily PDX 3 years ago


  • Ishani Mehta 3 years ago

    I’m so glad these people have their own chicken coops, with organic eggs for the family….if you’re so rich, why should you eat the chemical laden stuff us normal people are subjected to with processed and packaged stuff

  • zizinnnn 3 years ago

    nothing is stupid about growing your own garden and keeping different animals as pets. if you eat it, nothing wrong about knowing how to grow it – carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, etc

  • Alk Zone 3 years ago

    2020 ?

  • Feona Lee Jones 3 years ago

    I think its wonderful~


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