“Don’t Take Me Off The Rocket, Please!” – Ayo Edebiri On The Success Of Her Show, “The Bear”

Published on January 5, 2023

Actor and comedian Ayo Edebiri describes the wild ride she’s been on since her FX show, “The Bear,” became a massive hit. Watch Ayo’s performance now on Hulu!
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  • Jared Vlogs 1 year ago

    series of the year. she and jeremy are phenomenal. everyone in this show is great honestly.

  • Jared Knapp 1 year ago

    Great show. Hell of a great actor. Nothing but good things here.

  • The Nd 1 year ago


  • Ken C 1 year ago

    Don’t get FX or Hulu; I’ll have to wait until “The Bear” gets to Amazon Prime or Netflix. She/Ayo Edebiri has A LOT of energy.

  • Amici procul 1 year ago

    Sioux Chef?

  • The Smiley Effect 1 year ago

    I finally made time to watch this show about 3 months ago. I thoroughly e enjoyed it and did not get triggered too much, even as a former food service worker. She is so excellent in this role and I hope she continues to have a successful acting career for as long as she wants.


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