DOJ Says Trump Still Has More Stolen Docs, Tells SCOTUS to Stay Out of Case: A Closer Look

Published on October 12, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at the Justice Department’s response to Trump’s attempt to get the Supreme Court to intervene in the investigation of his stolen classified documents, while Republicans continue to support him and his hand-picked candidates like Herschel Walker.

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  • Shakthi Dhasan 12 months ago

    He needs to work on his metaphors.

  • ストマクランブル 12 months ago

    I’m guessing this was an intentional scandal once again to stay front and center in the news cycle

  • Ryan Gibson 12 months ago

    Walker butchered that joke so bad. I hope he doesn’t drive himself.

  • frank enns 12 months ago

    I think like Trumpturd, Walker is so confusing lol anyway he had support from other republicans there. Like you said lol they think they can make him look like a normal guy, but as trumpturd…he sucks!!! Big Ones!!!

  • Blackthorn Sloe 12 months ago

    The documens are in Ivanna’s coffin .

  • Alysha 12 months ago

    “Magniflying glass”

  • Jeremy Bartlett 12 months ago

    Magniflying lens…

  • loran elizabeth 12 months ago

    Walker is nothing short of fucking GROSS!!

  • Candice Lynn 12 months ago

    The story would be funnier if the cows turned out to be the Chick-fil-A cows.

  • FISIX 12 months ago

    When Trump tried to pay a Lawyer with a Horse, was it in the form of “Trump Steaks”.?

  • Mimi Bassant 12 months ago

    He is bullsh!@$ himself lol

  • Jeremy Bartlett 12 months ago

    Did anyone else think the bull was gonna jump the fence and rip his balls off on the barbed wire and have a real, existential crisis and that the story would have a REAL moral?

  • Kayena 12 months ago

    My favorite artist inpression of a relationship is the one between Trump and Mel that lives in Seth’s mind…

  • Derek Chechak 12 months ago

    Herschel Walker just learned about “grass is greener” syndrome and used the worst possible analogy to explain it.

  • Brian Russell 12 months ago

    Dam Georgia don’t don’t make biggest disappointment regret in history of NFL blunder Vikings history also . They had first round picks and could of Had Emit Smith. Some dumbass gave up three first round picks and money to get Hershel Walker biggest blunder in Vikings history. Everywhere in in the hood had Hershel Walker who signs on every corner ha ha ha for real. Georgia don’t make same lame mistake he weak minded from head injuries. Don’t vote for one of worst running backs didn’t show up on football field didn’t show up for his four kids . Then illedged abortion from his baby mama . Vote demacrats in every race nation wide to save our Democratic Republic from GQP Radicalized Maga cultist.


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