Constructive-ish Criticism with Jordan & Roy | The Daily Show

Published on January 8, 2023

Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. give each other constructive-ish criticism on the piece they did on Black voters in South Carolina. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Kyusshead 1 year ago

    I’d watch an hour of this

  • JPReckless2444 1 year ago

    These two better co-host The Daily Show after the guest host era ends or else CC is on something

  • cecistory 1 year ago

    Y’all take over!!

  • Michael Rohloff 1 year ago

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  • hipking23 1 year ago

    These two should both host the Daily Show as two correspondents feeding off each other

  • Sea_Triscuit 1 year ago

    I grew up in Charleston, amazing town to visit, bad town to live in haha

  • Julia Dean🇯🇲 1 year ago

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  • checho 1 1 year ago

    Roy would bring a different tone to the daily show. On another level, he’d be a great daily show host!

  • Ellise Hackshaw 1 year ago

    This is hilarious!!

  • Kasonda Leigh 1 year ago

    I lived in Charleston for 20 years and it was the LEAST racist town I have ever lived in.
    I loved it there. Great black community.

  • derrick lwando 1 year ago

    The show will never be the same without Trevor

  • Yo RAHeem 1 year ago

    Run It Back with Jordan & Roy

  • ebredenberg 1 year ago

    I do love these.

  • Brandon Hindmarsh 1 year ago

    Steyer’s lack of a response was unfortunate. We need better politicians. He should have jumped in with “Unfortunately no. But once in office I pledge to repair public education, policing, and the overall unfair distribution of civic funds in as many ways as I can. What specific repairs can I work on for you?”


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