Comedy at 10am or 10pm: Maria Bamford | Choice Words with Samantha Bee

Published on October 12, 2023

When comedian Maria Bamford recently did some shows in LA and New York, she decided to perform her set early in the morning. Despite some “goofballs” who fell asleep, the time change from a traditional late-night start was a solid choice for her. Sam asks Maria how her family feels about being such a big part of her comedy, why it’s important for her to talk openly about money, and her new memoir, “Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult.” Apple Books has partnered with Lemonada Media for an audiobook club. “Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult” by actor and comedian Maria Bamford was a past pick. Get your copy today by clicking the link in bio.

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  • Geoffrey Gioja 4 months ago

    Also been a huge fan of Ms. Bamford. 🩵 to you both for being here …

  • Andrew Mantle 4 months ago

    Thank you folks.

  • Tuvia 4 months ago

    I’ve always been myself, sometimes pleasing some people and also to the disappointment of other people. I guess I’ve also always been confused as to why people need to figure out who they are. There are of course people with mental health issues and different birth defects that struggle more. Socioeconomics comes into play as well. I have always been money poor but always willing to go on. You are who you are. I’ve had terrible downs and ecstatic highs. No regrets. Hope you’ll find yourself, look in a mirror when you’re at your worst, be happy, that’s you too.

  • Tess Rae 4 months ago

    Never wore makeup after 25….love how I look, but the misgendering is truly getting more and more annoying. I am not only a woman, I am better than most men. Go Misandry!


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