Clarissa Ward On Putin’s Draft, And The Extraordinary Bravery Of Women In Iran

Published on September 28, 2022

CNN’s Clarissa Ward joins Stephen for the first time in-studio to share her analysis of Putin’s latest moves in Russia’s war against Ukraine, and the remarkable protests taking place in Iran. Catch Clarissa’s reporting on CNN and check out her book, “On All Fronts,” available now in paperback. #Colbert #CNN #ClarissaWard

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  • Juan Manuel Pérez Porrúa 2 months ago

    Protests rarely if ever bring down authoritarian governments. This is true of authoritarian regimes in general: Russia (the entire Putin presidency), China (who remembers Hong Kong anymore? Tiananmen?), Cuba (many many times even during the Biden Administration), Czekoslovakia and Hungary during the 1950s, the Jacqueries and the Peasants Revolts during the Middle Ages (brutallyand totally put down by the English and French Kings).
    _The reason is not difficult to see: authoritarian regimes do not depend on popular support to maintain themselves in power, and conversely, lack of popular support is rarely (if ever) at all relevant in changing an authoritarian regime._ *Even in non-authoritarian regimes massive protest movements fizzle out without much long-term consequence: Canada’s so-called “Freedom Convoy” and the United States’ so-called “Occupy Wall Street” and so-called “Black Lives Matter” failed to accomplish much of anything, despite the extraordinary amount of hype for AND against them.*
    But that protests have never brought down an authoritarian regimes applies with much greater force to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has survived multiple episodes of massive protests that got noticed by the European and American press and even more episodes of protests that never got noticed bynthe American and European press.

  • Ontario Andrews 2 months ago

    She is everything that is positive in world news today.

  • JasonMarshMusic 2 months ago

    If I were drafted into Putin’s war, as soon as I got to the Ukraine, I’d just surrender.

  • Chris 2 months ago

    Clarissa explains it all

  • terry hollands 2 months ago

    Colbert is an an apologist for the global elite.
    He is no longer an entertainer but a puppet in place to shape public opinion.

  • Scary Terry 2 months ago

    Sounds like the trump playbook, delay, delay, delay. Its fucking exhausting!

  • Wanda Morales 2 months ago

    I admire this woman and wish everyone to show their girls what a true role model she is.

  • Gonzo II 2 months ago

    When speaking about the Iranian regime, she might just have said “Islamic theocracy” rather than “geriatric”. Why would she be afraid of just naming things as they are ?? Are all geriatric regimes on the planet comparable to Iran ? Is this regime a bloody dictature just because it is run by old men, or because it is run by islamic fundamentalists ?
    Political correctness is really insufferable !

  • Joel McCoy 2 months ago

    I have a question, does this woman speak Russian and if not, why is she the Russian correspondent for Ukraine and Moscow?

  • Olorin 2 months ago

    Does he want a large nuclear war? No he is not mad. But I think he believes he can get away with using nukes on the frontline in Ukraine.

  • Jessie Coghlan 2 months ago

    This incredible courageous woman, reporting on incredible courageous people… It gives me hope!

  • FANATIC FORAGER 2 months ago

    On latter topic, poignant background music is Joe Jackson’s, ‘Real Men’ !

  • Mr. Bledsoe 2 months ago

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  • darryl mars 2 months ago

    Even Russians have figured out that dictators suck. Will Republicans get the message?

  • Holly Speaks 2 months ago

    ❤️ Clarissa!

  • Epic mediocrity 2 months ago

    Pllleeeaaase slow clap it hahahaha

  • Tom Birney 2 months ago

    If the State of Rhode Island, (hypothetically speaking) decided in the course of human events to throw off the bonds of US fiat currency and become the newest Canadian Province. What would happen? Nuclear submarines are the last (arguably the most) important part of nuclear defense triad. Would Canada want a “land bridge” through NY State to supply their new naval base? Would to world economies and nation states step in to facilitate a negotiated settlement? WHAT HAS THIS GOT TO DO WITH THE PRICE OF TEA IN CHINA…. I think Americans may need to understand that Russia is in an existential quandary; it can’t loose it’s submarine base, even if the people living around it would prefer to be free Ukrainians. A negotiated settlement brokered by every other nuclear power country. Proxy wars are making the armament manufacturers insanely wealthy, and the lowest paid workers in every nuclear power country irreparably poor. To use Clarissa wording it will take a generation or more for the poorest workers in the US to come out from under this Ukraine proxy war.

  • Dusty Kashi Feathers 2 months ago

    Thanks to Clarissa Ward for her Support of the Resistance, Revolution and Renaissance led by the brave and Valiant Women of Iran.

  • Mr Breeze 2 months ago

    But I thought insurrectionists were bad? Shouldn’t they be doing whatever the government tells them?

  • Ro Ni 2 months ago

    Sounds like the Vietnam War to me !

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  • Emily 2 months ago

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