Chinese Tennis Star Vanishes & Russia Is Back On Its Bulls**t | The Daily Show

Published on November 18, 2021

Russia is massing troops on the Ukraine border, migrants are being used as weapons at the Belarus/Polish border, a civil war is brewing in Ethiopia, schools in India’s capital have been shut down indefinitely due to smog, and Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has gone missing after accusing a Chinese official of sexual assault. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #China




  • Robert Maeurer 2 years ago

    The West needs to put pressure on China and think about the giant bargaining chip they have the Beijing 2022 Olympics. These human rights violations that we have known about for decades has got to stop

  • albahdon amr 2 years ago

    If they ended the video at 12:47 it woulld been Legend! Also, is that Ronny Chieng?

  • Tamrat Assefa 2 years ago

    Ethiopia is fine BTW. 10% of the country is a war zone but the rest of the country is peace and business as usual.

  • Shady Gamer09 2 years ago

    Fix the audio.

  • Marlo Mitchell 2 years ago

    The show needs better writers, the jokes are so bad.

  • kala 2 years ago

    Dear the daily show, I want to correct you on Ethiopian current conditions, ofcourse there’s a war in Ethiopia but it’s 400kms away from the capital city of Addis Ababa in the north. So addis Ababa and vast majority part of the country is in peace. There’s a commercial flight from Addis Ababa to any country in the world and addis Ababa is not a war zone!!

  • franjo poth 2 years ago

    They are not migrants, they are asylum seekers. Unfortunately you kinda miss the point there with europe illegaly pushing those asylum seekers back from their border so that international law will not aply since the asylum seekers only have the right to aply for asylum as soon as they touch european soil. Europe has enabled this kind of cruel blackmail by lukashenko because we let asylum seekers drown in the mediterranean sea and we set president that we are vulnerable through “migrant threating” blackmail with the treaty with the turkish who keep asylum seekers from entering europe for financial compensation. So of course what Lukashenko in Belarus is doing is terrifying because the treat those asylum seekers extemely cruel and they use them for political gains but please don’t downplay Europes responsibilties on this issue.

  • Person XYZ 2 years ago

    I guess people got sick of sitting at home and want to fight.

  • Jutta Jost 2 years ago

    …and the Healthcare costs in India…. wow.

  • 20yaroslav 2 years ago

    Yeah…but isn’t it on Poland to let them through so they can make their way to Germany!?

  • liam nehren 2 years ago

    sewer mist is probably caused by the temperature difference and the aerosol-ing of sewer water, a quick google says that there is a little concern about it.


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