Chef Daniel Humm on Eleven Madison Park’s 3 Michelin Stars and His Book Eat More Plants (Extended)

Published on December 9, 2023

Chef Daniel Humm talks about his restaurant Eleven Madison Park earning three Michelin stars, shares what inspired him to make the restaurant plant-based and discusses his book Eat More Plants.

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  • @Lieselotte_Becke 3 months ago

    Deine Videos sind majestätisch, Dieses Video hat mich aufgeheitert🍉

  • @LizethBedee 3 months ago

    That’s what I understand perfectly😚

  • @PeterWongvlogs 3 months ago

    Love chef Daniel Humm! Been a fan for a while. What a great guy

  • @sunny5ma 3 months ago

    I love that he’s plant based and is bringing awareness to the plant based community and the necessity of it. People need to ve more aware of it. It was incredibly rude and in very poor judgement of Jimmy to wear that ridiculous suit and diminish the importance of the message tho. 🙄


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