Carrie Coon on Her Kids Being Insanely Picky Eaters & Wearing Crazy Outfits on The Gilded Age

Published on November 29, 2023

Carrie talks about being on “Fargo,” her kids being picky eaters and only liking Hawaiian rolls, her show “The Gilded Age” on MAX, the crazy costume she wears, and having to go to the bathroom in creative ways.

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  • @TheMightyZack 5 months ago

    She’s incredibly charming!

  • @Charlotte__Single__again 5 months ago

    I’m continually impressed by the quality of your videos

  • @eltenor1973 5 months ago

    I´M IN LOVE .. AGAIN..

  • @omarmagana773 5 months ago

    I love her dearly!! She was my favorite character in Gone Girl and is crackerjack in The Gilded Age.

  • @loveforeignaccents 5 months ago

    Great actress. Jimmy has nothing to offer.

  • @TheGuyBehindTheGuy 5 months ago

    I’ll be watching The Gilded Age for the chamber pots from now on.

  • @NewMessage 5 months ago

    I have no idea what a Hawaiian roll is, but I wanna see that eating contest.

  • @JacWarner 5 months ago

    It genuinely makes me feel better to hear this conversation about food and kids.
    Mine is 14 and I’m still cooking two different meals every night.
    One always thinks ‘famous’ people can hire someone to solve their problems (no offence), but no one can make our children eat. Mine doesn’t eat pizza either. We all are living the daily trauma. Sorry – it doesn’t get better, but mine’s still alive and gorgeous.

  • @evaprokop6056 5 months ago

    What’s a Hawaiian roll?

  • @coleengoodell7523 5 months ago

    The only time my children got sweets, less Christmas and Halloween would be desert after dinner. And the only way they got desert was if they ate all their dinner or at least a reasonable amount. Desert was usually something healthy for them, but they didn’t know that. Also water, milk or juice were the only options in the house to drink. Soda was only for Pizza and movie night. Other than the liter bottle, it was never in the house. No deserts on those nights, Friday night, so soda was the desert and the soda had to be caffeine free.
    If one of them was being disruptive and making a scene at the dinner table, they were asked to leave, go to their room and wait to return to the table until they were either ready to not disrupt dinner. Or the rest of us were finished and they could eat alone as the rest of us did whatever was on the agenda for the rest of the evening. They learned real quickly that eating was not a war they were going to win. I’m not a short order cook either. One meal, you don’t have to eat green beans if you don’t like them. Fine, but you will eat your chicken and potatoes or whatever starch was presented with the protien.
    Yogurt was my youngests favorite dessert, ice cream of course, pie, peanut butter cookies, apple sauce with cinnamon. Detecting a trend?

  • @auntiemary4 5 months ago

    She is delightful.

  • @andymcguire237 5 months ago

    If youve ever seen a project she’s in then you really know how underrated and undervalued she is an an actor. I mean, come on! Sinner S2, The Leftovers, Gone Girl, etc….. all awardworthy performances

  • @mvelo6331 5 months ago

    Her surname is interesting.

  • @tom4150 5 months ago

    She is always Nora from The Leftovers to me.

  • @ja4645 5 months ago

    I’m obsessed with her voice (especially on The Gilded Age)

  • @dreamerx360 5 months ago

    criminally underrated in the leftovers

  • @Scott-eh7fr 5 months ago

    Kings Hawaiian rolls are great.

  • @Mr.Magic4ever 5 months ago

    I love Carrie Coon SOO MUCH!!!!😊😊

  • @user-if6jc3lr3y 5 months ago

    Хорошенькая Дама ❤

  • @Buy_YT_Views.333 5 months ago

    We really need more post from you, we are bored without you


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