Big News: Biden pressures Putin on nuclear threat

Published on October 6, 2022

In the season premiere, Big News is joined by contributor Major Garrett to tackle the week’s top stories: the looming midterm elections, the investigation into Trump’s classified document scandal, and President Biden’s handling of Putin’s nuclear threat. Plus, James Smartwood asks former CIA Director John Brennan to wildly speculate on a poster-based attack. Watch Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News every Wednesday on Comedy Central after The Daily Show.

Clip air date 10/06/2022

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  • johnny MOLTEN 1 year ago

    Vote Purple ! Red and Blue are both shit !

  • Peo 1 year ago

    Well soon we will have a world war like nothing else……on Nuce is all it take…lets it count then …up high – kill all electronics on earth – – and you still think USA got nothing to do with the Northstream 1+2 asabotage – well think again if you still got a brain working

  • Vanessa Whitney 1 year ago

    SO happy TOTN is back!

  • Jared Shaw 1 year ago

    So which animator from Archer is free lancing for Stephen Colbert?

  • P. B. Foote 1 year ago

    Sure, your face was, uh, defaced.
    But at least they had the decency to use blue ink.
    And shouldn’t we all think blue in 2022?

  • Jack Empson 1 year ago

    Colbert is a clown.

  • Leanne Vande Kew 1 year ago

    What does Herschel and a bottle of beer have in common?
    They’re both empty from the neck up.

  • Leanne Vande Kew 1 year ago

    What does a Republican and a bottle of beer have in common?
    They’re both empty from the neck up.

  • D A 1 year ago

    #nikashakarami #mahsaamini #iran hellp iran hellp iran hellp iran

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Big Animation is still sticking their fingers in our politics, I see!

    * shakes a fist at the sky *

  • Anthony S 1 year ago

    Damn I missed these uploads. I’m not however going to miss paramount+.

  • Rinnzu Rosendale 1 year ago

    Dont let the term “low yield nuke” fool you. These are not just nuclear based MOAB sized bombs. These are .1-50 kiloton bombs. .1 kilotons is still 100x larger than the MOAB.
    The nukes dropped on Japan in WW2 would be on the small end “low yield” nukes.
    Even combined they would be smaller than the largest “low yield” nukes.
    Hope that paints a clearer picture.


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