Austin Butler Felt Self-Conscious🥺 #Shorts



  • Katherine Monrose 10 months ago

    I’m so sorry for Austin! I really wish people would finally stop bullying Austin about his voice (and asking him about it on everywhere), which is yes, became raspier, and his vocal coach explained the reasons for that perfectly for people with the intelligence of a 5 year old. Also, Austin doesn’t sound like Elvis. He doesn’t have his accent. Those who think otherwise need to check their ears.

  • plant. 10 months ago

    ugh insufferable

  • Daniel Escobar 10 months ago

    i saw the movie a few days ago and he was fantastic in it.

    People should really leave him alone because he’s not doing anything harmful or stuff like that. Just let him talk the way he wants to talk.

  • Isis Barrientos 10 months ago

    Some actors push themselves into extreme challenges just for playing a character. It’s not something for making bullying, it’s something to admire. Btw, he’s so good-looking.

  • SecretCollage 10 months ago

    His body is clearly just transitioning out of character. Your body remembers how to work a certain way after some training.

    Also. He doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. Is his voice.


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