Armando Iannucci On Liz Truss, “Veep,” And The New Season Of “Avenue 5”

Published on October 4, 2022

The creative genius behind one of Stephen’s all-time favorite shows, “Veep,” makes his first visit to The Late Show to talk about his latest comedy endeavor, “Avenue 5,” which returns to HBO next week for its second season. #Colbert #Avenue5 #ArmandoIannucci

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  • New Message 1 year ago

    Oh Liz is a real piece of work. Anyone who gets that excited about pork markets needs to be kept an eye on.

  • leonardo cartes 1 year ago

    Love this show, love you Stephen Colbert, but my hat has to be tipped, no, actually come off my head for Louis Cato introducing Armando Iannucci with the great and wonderful, late Chick Corea’s, Armando’s Rhumba! Nobody will know what the hell I’m talking about. I must calm down.

  • Free M8son 1 year ago

    Ianucci is a legend.

  • John Forde 1 year ago

    I loved “The Death of Stalin”!

  • Azmi Shah 1 year ago

    We need him to make a new season of The Thick of It.

  • SA Russell 1 year ago

    Armando is the embodiment of when women say that funny men are sexy, regardless of looks. They have to be at ease with themselves and not grandstand, either. Delightful man.

  • Liz and Mike 1 year ago

    I gotta admit, I did not think Avenue 5 was funny at first, but I can hardly wait for the new episodes now.

  • Willow Slough DX 1 year ago

    Sorry, Avenue 5 was unwatchable. I couldn’t make it through the Series 1 opener. Did it get better?

  • Andrew Harrison 1 year ago

    Under 8 minutes of Armando Iannucci simply isn’t enough.

  • J ateabug 1 year ago

    Why does “Avenue 5” sound similar to the Dr Who Episode “Voyage of the Damned.”? Both feature Brits, a Cruise Ship, Space, conflict with other people, etc etc. I doubt “Avenue 5” will have a little person playing Bannakaffalatta, but they might have a little person.

  • Lee Harris 1 year ago

    New season? Excellent!

  • k tom 1 year ago

    Did he say “space terrorism” or “space tourism”? I’ve listened to it twice and it surely sounds like “terrorism”…

  • dielaughing73 1 year ago

    “That proved unpopular…”

    But only with the majority of people, and you know they don’t have the best interests of the ruling class at heart.


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