Aliens May Have Been Watching Earth’s TV Shows For The Last 80 Years – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Published on April 20, 2022

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains that every television show ever aired on Earth has also been beamed into space for the rest of the universe to potentially encounter. Stick around for more with Neil, and check out his new book, “Welcome to The Universe in 3D,” which has additional content narrated by Neil available on the project’s website, #Colbert #WelcometotheUniverse #NeildeGrasseTyson

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  • Conrad Hoffman Hoffman 2 years ago

    Not the GOP. They have no questions.

  • Curtis Robinson 2 years ago

    Or you could go to Cancun with Ted Cruz.
    They both work.

  • Manal Taleb 2 years ago

    these 2 need a podcast together! man that was a loaded question!! i would spend weeks debating that question!

  • Wendy Wagner 2 years ago

    I love this guy!!

  • Jeremy Warren 2 years ago

    C’mon, people, number the clips, please

  • LivB 2 years ago


  • Anthony Algorithm 2 years ago

    “TV”, “culture” ….er

  • Beyond Reality 2 years ago

    I love seeing and hearing Neil deGrasse Tyson explains some stuff.

  • H H 2 years ago

    NdGT may have wanted to keep the conversation short and light. However there is the reality. The reality is that there is NO 80 light-year “bubble” of radiowaves caused by mankind. The Sun has a “bubble” of radiowaves around it, because its entire body emits radiowaves. The Earth only emits in the equatorial plane of our solar system, and does so sporadically because 12 hours of the day, our radiowaves would go towards the Sun. Also a calculation was done that suggested after a 2 light-year distance, the signal from the most powerful radio transmitter on Earth would be lost in the radio background noise from the Sun. So not even our nearest neighbors would know we exist. It is a nice fantasy to think that episodes of “I Love Lucy” could be received by aliens 70 light-years away with incredible antenna technology, but reality says otherwise.

  • Moderator 2 years ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson has a very Ameri-centric way of explaining things. Basically, it’s ramped up infotainment. His dialog in this video seems very smug, like he’s prepped a clever answer for dipshits to laugh and clap their hands to and immediately forget.

  • Verum illic 2 years ago

    The human mind: comprehending that there are certainly limits to it’s comprehension, yet never being able to determine when those limits have been reached.

  • Hiten Grover 2 years ago

    He is always on point!


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