YouTube’s New Video Game Watching Service

Published on August 28, 2015

YouTube just launched a new video network where you can watch other people play video games. The service is for video game fans and players, but if you’re a video game player who likes to watch other gamers play games, where does it end?

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  • Gerad Hensley 4 years ago

    Why are there Mcdonalds arches in heaven >.>

  • Tomnickles 4 years ago

    Soon I hope we can have the watch a lion get killed by a dentist channel!
    It was very heartbreaking to him that he pretended to shed a tear and care
    for 3 seconds! But this! This is crazy! I mean Twitch has only been around
    since 2011 so this is just the CRAZY new thing! I might of laughed had it
    been remotely funny but, Jimmy is hit and miss.

  • Sean Wilson 4 years ago

    I can absolutely see where he is coming from. The idea of sitting around
    wasting my time watching a lets play instead of actually playing a game is
    ridiculous. But not all gaming videos are like that. Many channels out
    there people watch for the entertainment value of the host. Anyone else
    watch things like demo disc? That is an entirely different from watching
    something like pewdiepie scream like an autistic child and a screen or a
    reaction-less fat ball dude playthrough a game normally.

  • shadowreaperjb 4 years ago

    I work, i don’t have time to play all the games that i wish i could so
    while I’m stuck doing some of the more tedious tasks i put let’s plays of
    games (usually ones heavy on story) on in the background. maybe if i had a
    job where other people wrote all my best work for me i would have the time
    but currently my minimum wage job is the best i can do.

  • Snip3r Ph3n0m11 4 years ago

    Jimmy Fallon is better anyways.

  • Odamir Khaulepi 4 years ago

    Dude, I know where you’re coming from, but people watch you just talk a
    bunch. lol I mean I totally get why playing a game is better than watching
    a game get played; but when it comes down to it…yeah.

  • HeiiWat 4 years ago

    Why watch people try to be funny when you could do it yourself?

  • quizno398 4 years ago

    not funny

  • sagadevil 4 years ago

    this is my 1st time to dislike your video. your team should think twice
    before launching this offensive gig

  • billie armstrong 4 years ago

    Hmmmmm…Might be something that the producers/writers/jimmy himself don’t
    understand. If you don’t understand, maybe tread softly?
    “Where does it end?” Ahhhh shut the fuck up with that.
    BUT…I understand that this is just comedy that appeals to a certain
    audience. So, oh well…old people just being old.
    BTW I loved that video with miley cyrus interviewing people on the streets.
    That shit was funny.

  • Project Delta 4 years ago

    why do you watch people hang themselves when you could do that urself

  • Lung kisser (Paul) 4 years ago

    From the idiot that brought you The Man Show…

  • Tyler Jackson (AFluffyFlapjack) 4 years ago

    I feel like Jimmy was being very disrespectful to the gaming community by
    saying this, that’s like saying why would you watch people play football
    when you can play it yourself. This is one of the biggest problems I have
    with the older generation of adults, they’re way too quick to shoot down
    ideas because it’s different. Shame on you Jimmy.

  • Stephen Varney 4 years ago

    Only a man so old and detached from what’s really important to the youth of
    today, would make such an ignorant, talentless stab at a medium that is
    destroying his own medium, the reason we watch is the same reason people
    watch sports on TV, or in some cases, comedy. He is just butt hurt that
    most young people have no interest in watching shows such as his own, the
    reason we don’t Jimmy, is because you’re old and no longer relevant.

  • Christopher Martinez 4 years ago

    Jimmy you simply can’t and won’t understand even thought you make money in
    almost the exact way

  • IgniteV 4 years ago

    You’re such a fucking idiot

  • ChiLOut Games 4 years ago

    “Why watch motocrossing if you can ride a motorcycle yourself? Why watch
    someone skydiving if you can go yourself? Why watch superhero movies if you
    can wear a costume and fight crime yourself?” This is just straight
    ignorance. I perfectly understand that Kimmel is a comedian, but don’t make
    a joke out of something if you don’t understand it. YouTubers can live off
    their videos, they make people laugh, make people think, they can even
    inspire (I know, what a world, right?). But this dude is just making
    unfunny jokes on a dying staple of entertainment. The era of TV is ending
    and the era of internet is just beginning. If you don’t understand it
    Jimmy, I can only feel sorry for you.

  • Dying Dark Star 4 years ago

    this guy doesn’t know what a flying fuck about what he’s talking about and
    he’s a big fag get off of fucking YouTube you old fuck your video aren’t
    funny and your stupid I hope you die in a fire and lol look at how many
    dislikes lmao if all those dislikes reported this channel and its taken
    lmfao 100x

  • Xero Mech 4 years ago

    I didn’t find this offensive or dumb at all, it’s actually pretty fucking

  • Andrew Savino 4 years ago

    Above all, the stupidest part of all of this is that he posts this video to

  • joel kjesbo 4 years ago

    why do you watch sports? just go out and play them!

  • EyesSetOnAidan 4 years ago

    I should stop watching you talk and just do it myself

  • Josemari Zafra 4 years ago

    He should probably do some research on what his bit is about.

  • O wasco 4 years ago

    How Fucking Dare You ESports Are Real Sports

  • Harry 7X 4 years ago

    Its not like he said ‘I dont get the whole thing’ but he took a direct dig
    at gamers parents saying they’re bad parents and then gave a completely
    irrelevant comparison to eating food, I understand its a joke but the
    direct insult he gave knowing little to nothing about the scene just makes
    him look like an uneducated fool, also most of the audience are TV watching
    adults which most likely makes to agree with him with overall just makes
    the stereotype of gamers and people who watch gaming videos worse.

  • Aditya Patel 4 years ago

    You have royally fucked up. There is no other way to say it.

  • w8b4uh8t 4 years ago

    TV is a dying medium. I bet the gamers will still be making money when this
    dude is begging for commercial deals.

  • TehCreepyCreeper 4 years ago


  • DX G 4 years ago

    Ha ha RIP to this Fool whats his name again? what a stupid thing to say!
    Even more retarded to upload a midlife crisis that you had on your show and
    felt the need to mock us on here when we work harder than you?? Well here’s
    a “YouTube Gaming” Term for you “Get Rekt” And judging by the dislikes on
    this video and how it’s currently being shared on twitter rn, it seems you
    caught our attention. In doing so you are not only going to feel the power
    of this community, but will also realize the strength of our togetherness.
    Yes in online game chat everyone Roasts each others mothers, grandparents
    (even family pets aren’t safe) But you publicly slate us on a boring
    program, then try to mock us, then upload to YouTube… “SMH” And if you
    don’t know what that means then I suggest you learn the power of Google…
    When you recover… BRO XD

  • II AnnaSheDevil II 4 years ago

    All the hate for this video is amazing. Just goes to show gamers are
    hardcore people :)

  • Fizzy Amp 4 years ago

    Next time, don’t discriminate on video games that people likes to watch.
    Probably you learned your own lesson already.

  • Matt Cresto 4 years ago

    How out of touch with reality are you, dude? That was the least funny thing
    I have seen you do. You sound like an old man out of touch with his

  • Wes Smiley 4 years ago

    There’s this crazy fucking concept called sports where you watch people
    play a game you know its only been around since 1900s

  • goodgirlxo 4 years ago

    Do all of you people have to hate on Jimmy Kimmel?!
    Like seriously… were human.. all of us. we all have feelings.
    i admit.. this was a “bad” joke on his part.. but why do you all have to
    mean about?
    Jimmy Kimmel is AWESOME.


  • TheRaViJdS0ul 4 years ago

    Look Jimmy, you’re funny and I like most of your skits. But you made an
    honest mistake here. No, I’m not being a butt-hurt geek whining because I’m
    the one being joked about now. I know how to laugh at myself and the things
    I do but there’s something wrong about this one. It’s wrong because this
    time, you completely do not know what you’re talking about, genuinely think
    that watching gaming is a weird way to waste time, and decided to make a
    joke about it. I’m not gonna bother explaining why watching people
    streaming their gameplay is a thing enjoyed by other people because I also
    find it hard to understand why grown men trying to get a rubber ball in a
    metal hoop is something hyped up.

    I’ve always seen you as a good comedian who cheers me up from time to time,
    Jimmy. But tonight, you look like a complete idiot. This is fucked up.

  • FrostBlitz 4 years ago

    It’s called fucking SATIRE, calm down you butthurt nerds.

  • ShishioTV 4 years ago

    Don’t blame Jimmy! He’s being controlled by that terrible facial hair…!

  • SANTIcash30 -NBA 2K16 4 years ago

    racist bitch
    why would you make fun of god you fucking bitch

  • Spxedy 4 years ago

    fuck you, kill your self you dumb fucking white piece of trash. your hating
    on people because they enjoy different entertainment. People enjoy certain
    content. Please don’t talk shit until u realize something… Just wait and

  • Mike S 4 years ago

    Just shows how out of touch jimmy kimmel really is with what’s popular and
    why it is popular.

  • ThaBlackGl0ve 4 years ago

    Is everyone seriously butthurt over this? lmao I found it funny. Its just
    comedy people, relax.

  • HudSkywalker 4 years ago

    Kimmel, you’re usually funny but this is absolute crap!!!

  • Zzues 4 years ago

    So, Kimmel, people watching you interview celebrities isn’t the same thing?
    Most of the people watching those celebrities on your show have just as big
    of a chance meeting them, as you do meeting some video game character (0%
    chance). Shows how out of touch rich people are, some people are disabled
    or cannot afford to play some games but enjoy watching very good players
    play them. Video games are just as good as “traditional” sports, both
    require skill and people enjoy watching those with the highest skill, play.

  • VillainousVibe 4 years ago

    We can’t blame Jimmy for jokes he didn’t make!

  • FrostTechnical 4 years ago

    Lmfao the amount of butthurt youtubers in the comments is insane. Yes
    everything Jimmy says in the video is wrong. He has no right to hate on the
    way people make a living. If someone want’s to watch someone else play
    video games because it brings that person joy, then let them. It’s none of
    Jimmy’s fucking business what people spend their time doing or why they do
    certain things. There’s more to people watching Youtuber’s then just to
    watch someone else do something anyone could do. Some people are poor and
    can’t afford video games, some people aren’t as good at video games, some
    people aren’t as funny and some people want to learn stuff from a
    professional who does this from a living.

    With that said literally the only argument I see my fellow youtubers saying
    is “It’s the same thing as watching a sport. Why watch it when you can play
    it”. This is literally the stupidest comeback ever. You’re comparing apples
    and oranges. Sport’s are different. Too be good at a sport you have to be
    tall, strong, physically fit, and have years of experience. Most people
    don’t have any of that so the only choice they have is to watch people
    who’ve been spending their whole life playing a certain sport. Unlike Video
    Games, not anyone can be good at a sport. My grand mother can go into
    gamestop right now, buy an Xbox One with fucking Witcher, and play it
    without any problem because a majority of people have 2 hands, 2 eyes and a
    working brain. Too be good at a sport you literally have to be born to be
    professionally good at it. Born 5′ 8″ ? Too bad you can’t be a professional
    basket ball player. Born 5’8″ and want to be a professional league player?
    Go ahead it doesnt matter the only thing stopping you is how much time
    you’re willing to put in.

  • SarDeliac 4 years ago

    11:35 p.m.-12:35 a.m. ET
    NBC “Tonight,” 3.852 million viewers
    CBS “Summer Showcase,” 2.442 million viewers
    ABC “Kimmel,” 2.566 million viewers

    Instead of mocking your betters, perhaps you could consider emulating them.

  • Michael Anderson 4 years ago

    Mr. Kimmel nor his staff seem to know that E-Sports is the fastest growing
    spectator sport in the world and gaming channels the fastest growing sector
    in the entertainment industry in the world. More people watch gaming
    tournaments like LoL or Dota then watch the NFL and the Superbowl. And
    unlike other sports or entertainment E-sport and watching gaming is still
    in its infancy, there is a reason why Amazon bought Twitch and why Youtube
    started its own gaming service as they can actually see where the money
    will come from in the future and it won’t be the NFL, NBA or NHL.

  • Adel Almutairi 4 years ago

    You should’ve taken notes from Conan O’Brien, he played video games in his
    channel, look how that shit turned out. You made yourself look like an
    idiot, maybe your too old lol.

  • Logan Decker 4 years ago

    He is right you know it .

  • MR Video Games Play 4 years ago

    Stupid Jimmy… Go back to your caves.

  • Reed 4 years ago

    I love how everyone in the comments section took his words and pulled them
    out of context. They weren’t intended to attack the type of people who
    actually partake, creator and viewer, in the community. It is a mere joke
    to mock them. If that hurts your feelings then you shouldn’t be watching
    something that is not for kids.

  • MrWolfyCloud 4 years ago

    Wow I’m surprised this is a thing people still don’t get and more so coming
    from someone like Jimmy Kimmel. Saying something like this is like people
    asking why watch Jimmy Kimmel? People should understand is that gamer’s
    these days are akin to Tv personalities and its just that their show
    involves of commenting on gaming and there personal reactions as well.
    Which is to say its not so different from watching talk shows like yours. I
    mean just look at Conan O’brien, he at least is with it what with clueless
    gamer which is great to watch. In this way you should understand. While
    watching people play the game can be great for getting an idea whether you
    want to play the game yourself, ultimately we like to see the reactions and
    hilarity that ensues. There are probably a bunch of other reasons I could
    list but you should understand this much at least.

  • Toosimoo 4 years ago

    Anyone else just completely tired of video games being the butt of
    everyone’s attempted jokes? It’s been going on for so long now that I don’t
    think it even counts as satire anymore.

  • Birdman 4 years ago

    Bet you wont square up tho bud

  • atomixfang 4 years ago

    Southpark did it first.

  • Griffin 4 years ago


  • Cory Swartz 4 years ago

    “This form of entertainment is stupid because I don’t understand it.”

  • GamingforCancerUK Community 4 years ago

    fuck you jimmy fuck you

  • Autrix91 4 years ago

    I didn’t think Jimmy KImmel was this out of touch.
    Jimmy Fallon at least plays and reports on games from time to time on his
    show and even Conan has Clueless Gamer.
    Jimmy Kimmel makes a living talking to people that play pretend for our
    amusement but he can’t see the value of watching someone or critique a game
    for amusement?

  • alienkishorekumar 4 years ago

    Yeah God is certainly white you ignorant motherfucker. Fuck you.

  • LoGic Ricky 4 years ago

    Rather watch video games and see people succeed and make money doing it
    than to watch your ugly face. Seriously you are so fucking annoying i don’t
    know why anyone likes you. Your a has been. At least kids are not out
    selling drugs and getting in trouble.

  • Aizey Banzai l Leader 4 years ago

    Where is pewdiepies roast at? Lol

  • Javier Nuñez 4 years ago

    Why is people so hurt about this? I sometimes watch gameplays and I didn’t
    get offended, just had a laugh, calm your tits people.

  • Adam Grenier 4 years ago

    Why do people enjoy watching other people play? Here’s a couple of reasons.
    Lots of people are watching because of the personalities playing are simply
    entertaining to listen to, regardless if the game’s good or not. Some watch
    to learn more about a game before spending 70+$ dollars on it. Or they may
    simply wish to get better at playing it by watching extremely skilled and
    knowledgeable players. As far as I know, these are some of the same reasons
    why people like watching sport, even though they could be playing it

  • SlyMcfly 4 years ago

    It’s called entertainment. Made by performers.

  • David Brown 4 years ago

    Way to alienate part of your audience Jimmy!

  • LoGic Ricky 4 years ago

    Did pay you to hate on youtube? #fuckinglooser

  • BentleyTheBrain 4 years ago

    That’s like saying, “Why should I watch Jimmy Kimmel live when I can do it
    my self?” Oh wait, I’m not famous nor do I have the money to run a show. He
    doesn’t realise that watching people play games is basically watching
    television, they are both entertainment. I like watching gaming videos
    obviously for entertainment and also before I pick up a game I may watch a
    couple of videos on it before I buy something I don’t like.

  • YoungCatracho 4 years ago

    hes disrespecting the video game comunity what he may not understand is
    that gaming is entertainment so in turn hes actually disrespecting his own
    line of work

  • Michael G 4 years ago

    This guy is clueless. Attacking gamers and gaming fans is the quickest way
    to get your credibility shot down on the internet.

  • itsMattydud3 4 years ago

    This guy is so not funny that it’s ALMOST difficult to watch.

  • DarkDemonWolf76 4 years ago

    I hate pewdiepie… but he has done way more for charities and so has the
    gaming community here on youtube then you have or most likely ever will in
    your entire life. In fact I would sooner brofist a pewdiepie fan then shake
    your hand.

  • RightHearted 4 years ago

    Fuck you

  • Taco Warehouse 4 years ago

    Lol angry nerds.

  • Lucas Almeida 4 years ago

    I love Jimmy, but man, he dropped the ball here. Did he forgot he puts his
    videos on YouTube?

  • Autrix91 4 years ago

    Also it’s interesting to see Jimmy talk shit about this considering he’s
    become somewhat of a neckbeard as of late.

  • uhDace 4 years ago

    y do gamers get offensed over this lol

  • Julian Alberto Arce Sánchez 4 years ago

    You just failed so hard. Who is this vid meant for anyway?

  • deadzealot222 4 years ago

    Out of touch.

  • PolarTrance 4 years ago

    The comments here are pure gold 😀

    Cmon it’s a fucking joke not an attack towards people who watch games. If
    this was a serious news article that said “you’re fucking dumb for wasting
    your time watching games” I’d get the hate, but you’re all just being a
    bunch of kids.

    Another thing he is half right. I watch let’s plays when they’re done well
    and I’ve checked a few livestreams from the same people, but the part where
    you loose me is when you have a person playing a game with a webcam and is
    quiet 90% of the time. That is weird-ish. But if you fucking like it then
    you fucking like it and that fine, but doesn’t change the fact that it is

  • primusunit1 4 years ago

    The reason we´re watching other people playing videogames is exactly the
    same reason we´re watching you Jimmy…pure entertainment and of course
    it´s the same reason we´re watching sports, because there are people who
    are a lot more skilled then we are.

  • Ecy 4 years ago

    As much as I disagree with what he says, you have to admit the skit was
    pretty damn funny XD

  • Giorgi Mikiashvili 4 years ago

    south park did this already. and even they did it in a positive way (I’m
    sure they’ll shit on you 😀 )

  • Aram Graciano 4 years ago

    Meh. It really doesn’t get to the standards of being offensive. Yes he’s
    making fun of it and obviously doesn’t understand it. Just ignore it.

  • Crunkboy415 4 years ago

    Watching people playing games. Wow, what a concept, it was only invented
    back in the 1950s. You’re a douche, Kimmel.

  • genghiskwan 4 years ago

    I don’t understand why people are getting so angry at this. It feels kind
    of like South Park where they can fun of all religion, but when they made
    fun of scientology the network band that episode. Is comedy, is free
    speech. I don’t feel he is personally insulting anyone. That’s what comedy
    do make fun of everyday events. Look at guys like Louis CK, Chris Rock,
    etc… they make fun of different groups of people all the time and I m
    pretty sure a lot of the angry people here laugh their ass off at it. So I
    don’t get when people can laugh at those jokes and can’t take one. But most
    importantly laugh at themselves and not take thing so seriously. I don’t
    think watching people playing games on youtube is ridiculous, but the
    younger generation can’t take a joke is ridiculous. If you are in your
    teens and is getting pissed off, chill… If you can’t take a joke, life is
    going to be hard for you.

  • YouKnowZMe! 4 years ago

    Wow everyone is taking this far too serious, I thought it was pretty

  • Charlie Keane 4 years ago

    I like you Jimmy but you’re wrong on this one. I can’t tell if you were
    just going for a joke or you really don’t get it.

  • ChosenOne353! 4 years ago

    F you Jimmy Kimmel

  • Fatality FearZ 4 years ago

    Fuck you. Ignorant asshole.

  • TyphoX 4 years ago

    Why do you watch FootBall ? xD just go play it –” this guy is a NOOB. he
    Few Reason to watch people play Games :
    – Learn new tricks and moves in games that demands tactics.
    – Get a solution to a mission you are stuck in ( in a game ) by watching
    someone playing the sam mission.


  • flight 4 years ago

    HaHa! Don’t you talk about what other people do and make fun of it? Think
    about your life idiot

  • Christopher Gonzalez 4 years ago

    Get out of the Stone Age and get with the times old man.

  • Shashank Mehta 4 years ago

    Hah, Stupidest video ever. Just to gain some more views you make fun of
    something you dont understand? Pretty disgusting i would say. Although, i
    have to sympathize a bit since this idiot is just spewing out what the show
    writers wrote for him.

  • Zileth Ryder 4 years ago

    So Many Butthurt People. LMFAO

  • Diamond Linx 4 years ago

    waita sec, isGod sayi g BLACK PPL is a race of idiots?

  • Jordan 4 years ago

    Did this get dislike botted??? Lmao

  • Joey Ceresini 4 years ago

    Is it just me or does Kimmel have some creepy little girl hands. Even the
    way he moves them is creepy!

  • Lynex 4 years ago

    I just want to add,it isn’t really that easy just recording video games,you
    gotta find the time,be inspired to record a video,put time into editing
    it,cutting out the unneeded parts,rendering etc.and it all takes a lot of
    time and effort
    You can have your opinions Jimmy but still…


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