YouTube Subcommunities: Funeral Bloopers, Cabbage Patch Kid Surgery

Published on July 17, 2018

Seth takes a look at some niche YouTube subcommunities, like videos of demons posting reviews of the bodies they possess.


  • EricMoranFilms 9 months ago

    Do ASMR next

  • Drive Fast 9 months ago

    Yaaay, a non-Trump video from Seth Meyers. A rare thing. I barely watch anything uploaded from his show now, it seems to be 90% Trump.

  • New Message 9 months ago

    I’m a huge fan of Late Night Comedy Show lighting error clip channels.. this one is so gonna make the rounds!

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 9 months ago

    There’s a YouTube sub community dedicated to commenting on as many video as they can.

  • n0sfreak 9 months ago

    Lookup V A P O R W A V E (without the spaces in between)

  • hhris C 9 months ago

    Seth. U wont get to reaad this. And if you do, i doubt it will matter. Its takin me alot to not unsub. Im a canadian, the anti rightwing stuff is funny once in a while, but this actually made me laugh out loud. This was awesome guys

  • Tuco Salamanca 9 months ago

    Host review xD

  • yllbardh 9 months ago

    this was a bit lame….

  • xNPCx 9 months ago

    That Cabbage Patch Kid thing is nightmare fuel.

  • Anne Marie Simon 9 months ago

    At 1:45, not many applause there. A bit…not funny? Brings back people to a bad place.

  • Rick Drew 9 months ago

    Wow – off the air for so long and now, this?! If you watch this bit at an airport, TSA would lock you up! I admire the fearlessness that allows them to bomb SO bad! The painful silence from the audience makes this hilarious. The Cabbage Patch gag worked too well. It was disturbingly real. They needed a reversal to make it funny. A real cabbage head? I don’t know… they will probably watch this bit at their Christmas party after everyone is drunk.

  • Mark Summers 9 months ago

    Pretty sure this segment won’t be a regular feature

  • Pixie Fairy 9 months ago

    That “Oh my god” right after the funeral bloopers.

  • Barnaclebeard 9 months ago

    Is… is there a writers strike right now?

  • Martin Edelius 9 months ago

    This was really awful. Not only was it not actual YouTube content, the writing was exceptionally bad.


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