Yogi Bear In ‘Government Shutdown’

Published on January 8, 2019

Yogi and Boo-Boo come up with a solution to the trash build-up that has resulted from the government shutdown.

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  • NobodyPablo 6 months ago

    I miss your show

  • CinnE 6 months ago

    Go get him, Yogi!! : >
    And kudos to LSSC graphics team!

  • Michael Johnson 6 months ago

    No Yogi, this English Sheep Farmer, we’ll call him Ned. Ned was REALLY, REALLY PISSED OFF about a Local Zoning Ordinance and City Hall *WOULD NOT LISTEN* . So Ned took his Official English Farmer Tractor and Shit Spreader and redecorated *CITY HALL* with about 2 tons of Sheep Feces…..so Yogi, you can use a cement mixer pump to hose down that desk. Maybe Next Time.

  • Maria Martinez 6 months ago

    OMG, people are so funny! 😂
    I love the comments! Don’t loose the humor. 😉

  • Maris Hilton 6 months ago

    That’s right Yogi DUMP TRUMP or make TRUMP go outside and pick it up!

  • Katzztar 6 months ago

    Oh how I wish we can do that trash dump on tRump in real life! … after all the President himself called the White House a real dump….

  • exodus21v20 6 months ago

    Hey Boo Boo! Wha da ya say we go rustle us up some pic-a-nic baskets?

  • Tyrant-Den 6 months ago

    Honestly, I think Trump would be more upset if Yogi stole his pic-a-nic basket.

  • darter9000 6 months ago

    Don’t you guys worry… soon the TSA will be cratered and the wall will be the least our security concerns.

  • Aceves Efrain 6 months ago

    Mentiroso mas mentiras

  • SasquatchMelee 6 months ago

    Yogi 2020

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 6 months ago

    Individual-1 is NOT Smarter Than the Average Bear!

  • V Ng 6 months ago

    Stephen, you did it! You found the solution. A garbage wall! It will keep people away, and it is free!

  • Eleven Words 6 months ago

    You tellem buddy!!!

  • Dfuher D 6 months ago

    Im very disappointed in the inaccurate rending of Trumps desk, there is no way, he has ever had papers on his desk with actual writing on them!

  • Michael Question 6 months ago

    So maybe you good folks can help out! Who do the elitist republicans watch for humor, is it tucker carlson, hannity, or faux and nazi’s, I know the rest of the world laughs at them! It certainly can’t be be any of the late night shows! Just wondering.

  • mindgames 6 months ago

    forget steel, build it out of garbage, now that china isn’t importing trash anymore! win/win

  • DagobertX2 6 months ago

    All the trash should get dumped into the trump tower, including trump.

  • A Cool Million 6 months ago

    Yogi and Boo Boo, to the rescue! Thank you, American bears. 🙂

  • Ganiscol 6 months ago

    On a serious note:

    These overflowing trash bins show whats wrong with society. A decent and considerate person will not just throw trash on top of the pile and watch it tumble down to the ground but instead take it to the next not overflowing trash bin or take it home right away. Its literally the same as just throwing your trash on the ground. Or do what Yogi did: One could actually put it in a box and mail it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, because the guy living there temporarily is responsible for this mess.


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