Ya Burnt: Gender Reveals, TikTok Competitors

Published on September 30, 2020

Seth sizzles through a list of topics and fires sick burns at some deserving subjects, like outdoor dining in New York City.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Dean Oldfield 5 months ago

    After that performance at the debates tonight: Donald Trump, ya burnt.

  • Mandy B 5 months ago

    Definitely no tweeting after death, we’ll never be rid of Trump!

  • River 5 months ago

    This one had my laughing from start to finish 😂

  • soulDavid Thompson 5 months ago

    “Garcon, can you recommend a red wine that goes well with the diesel fumes of an idling bus?”
    Dagnabbit, that’s one hot rabbit! 😂

  • headband 95 5 months ago

    One day I will learn something about migrating tree frogs from seth!!!

  • granitegrizz 5 months ago

    Smelling smoke could also indicate that you’re in a western state.

  • Nithyassree Murugan 5 months ago

    Best “Dead inside” eyes ever.

  • Marc Kloosterman 5 months ago

    How can wildfires be burnt when they’re already burning?!!

  • rtd1791 5 months ago

    Pretty sure Seth Meyers is much too old to be saying “Ya burnt!”, especially this many times in a segment.

  • manga wy 5 months ago

    Please guys.
    Speak up about trump’s favourite dictator. Egypt’s sisi the (fuc*** killer)

  • D S 5 months ago

    Wait… Those candidate emails are genuine? I assumed they were badly written scams that fill my spam folder.

  • Mark Mongan 5 months ago

    99% faark it, close enough, that will do.

  • Aubergine Bellen 5 months ago

    The most important thing you missed about outdoor dining in NYC is the reek of urine.

  • Kiskaloo 5 months ago

    Gender reveals are only done by narcissists. When I was expecting another Mother decided she wanted to know the sex of her baby, they decorated the nursery all in pink for and bought a ton of girls clothes for Charlotte who turned out to be Charlie when he made his appearance.

  • shmpooch 5 months ago

    😆 it was all funny but “hey hand sanitizer, go squirt yourself” made me spit!

  • BrntToaster 5 months ago

    Yes, very burnt.

  • Rob Root 5 months ago

    gender reveals are bigoted displays of 2 genders only people.

  • sonand sanford 5 months ago

    Hey… is the the captain speaking? You busted.

  • Kirk Moore 5 months ago

    Trump needs to do a “species reveal” Nobody’s quite sure what stain of Orangutan looks quite like that…..

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 5 months ago

    It will be at the end of Seth’s time in Late Night will the migrating tree frogs get their segment.


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