Xi Jinping: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on June 18, 2018

Chinese president Xi Jinping is amassing an alarming amount of political power. If only his propaganda videos made the idea of unrestricted authority seem as troubling as the concept of singing children.

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  • John Hayes 1 year ago

    Wooo its finially out!

  • joshbarc 1 year ago

    Notification club

  • Mrudula Srivatsa 1 year ago

    I love 20 minute main segments!

  • T BoIick 1 year ago

    its 2:30am i cant wait to be sad about something i wasnt even aware of until now

  • Theatre Geek 1 year ago

    Saw this with my dad last night and it was hilariously factual

  • brandon castillo 1 year ago

    Xi Jinping the type of dude to eat KitKat bars together unsnapped

  • MetalPcAngel 1 year ago

    If people want to know more about that man, just watch some of the videos over at “China Uncensored” channel.

  • NWS C 1 year ago

    John Oliver >>>> Bill Maher

  • Noah Lamberty 1 year ago

    “Who stays up until 1:30 in the morning to watch John Oliver”
    Me: “Oh boy 1:30 A.M.!”

  • Christian Harris 1 year ago

    Cover the story of the Uk company polluting the water in tuticoron India.

  • Ajeenkkya Ambegaonker 1 year ago

    Did you know an Indian news reporter was fired after calling him 11 jinping!😂

  • Emmanuel Alejandro 1 year ago

    *Grabs popcorn*

    The comments are gonna be interesting.

  • Palak Patel 1 year ago


  • Michaelo0 1 year ago

    I love John Oliver’s jokes.

  • Benevolent Marinecat 1 year ago

    As a Chinese international student currently studying in U.S, I have to say the evidence shown in this video is really accurate and, subjectively saying, haunting, because even I know all of these facts from different sources, subconsciously I am just paralyzed to feel anxious enough of the changes happening in China.

    I’d like to discuss some of the positive social changes not mentioned in this video before jumping into my concern of current state of China. Firstly, the infrastructure development in China is skyrocketing. Citizens of china have their style of transportation completely changed in the past several years. When I went back to China during vacations, I was stunned of how convenient living has become in China. It is objectively true that you can live in a Chinese city with no cards, no wallets, but only your phone…

    Ok, the more important part…Every time in the history of China when our country becomes the strongest in the world, there would always be a wise yet powerful, authoritarian leader…no exceptions…The very idea of personality cult is rooted in our tradition, culture and, frankly saying, everything. Due to the ancient and influential filial system, Chinese are bonded together in the form of family. Every family in a tightly bonded community and most Chinese carry the duties of maintaining this community their entire lives. Personally saying, I found this iconic nature of Chinese people separates us from the western culture. Why do I want to discuss about Chinese families…well…since most Chinese are deeply concerned with their family community, living conveniently and happily is all that matters. If the leader of China can grant substantial positive changes to Chinese family communities, almost all Chinese won’t ever, ever, ever care of totalitarianism whatsoever.

    It is a bit of exaggeration, but in the majority cases, what I mentioned above can be applied to Chinese people’s reasoning. Even myself is considering how to payback my parents after I finished my education, and I am 100% fine with it. This leads to my concern: what will happen next to my own country? I don’t know the answer… Chinese people won’t stop our president as long as the family communities prosper. Our president is totally determined to push the influence of China to global scale. And with it, I could only say: absolute power corrupts absolutely…This corruption of power has fallen unto all powerful Chinese leaders throughout the history. We can still pointlessly hope that our president is not traditionally powerful leader, because what else can we do? What will diverge our Chinese people’s fate to another direction instead of repeating the Chinese history repeatedly…I truly don’t know…

  • scubawithatuba 1 year ago

    We are so lucky to have technology this day in age. Information will only be more accessible to almost anyone. I’m hopeful for a positive change. Let us use the internet to spread what is true. #thetruthalwayswins

  • Alexa DeWit 1 year ago

    For context, in Chinese it’s actually really normal to refer to a close associated person who’s much older as Aunt or Uncle. It’s a sort of term of endearment for an older person, and not an assertion of familial relation.

  • Ben Sam 1 year ago

    So a dictator for live with a personality cult, people being ordered by a social ranking based on theri performance within the state, massive arrest of peoples that are considered too different and untrustworthy, and reeducation camps which are just state run torture facilities. Yeah we have hit peak dystopia here, no other way to put it.

  • The Modern Investor 1 year ago

    Look up “Chinese Sesame Score” The Chinese Government over the next 2 years will begin (ranking) the people living in China, and will be able to deem who is “worthy” enough to rent an apartment, who is “worthy” enough to work, or even be able to leave the country. This score will derive from each persons willingness to say how good the country is, or to share posts on Social media that favor the Chinese Government. Its an actual episode of Black Mirror, but, its going to affect 1 billion people who will be mandated to use it.

  • Sinom 1 year ago

    Instead of Facebook/WhatsApp I would just use telegram.


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