Wyatt Cenac Had to Defend Himself At SNL

Published on October 26, 2016

Actor and comedian Wyatt Cenac remembers the time he got into a shoving match with Norm Macdonald, back when he was an intern and Stephen was writing at Saturday Night Live.

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  • eL graPa 3 years ago

    isnt that the cunt who stormed out of a writer´s session back at the daily
    show, all butthurt and shit.

  • macro deth 3 years ago

    As an experiencer myself I think the show is hilarious and not at all
    insulting to the folks that have gone through this sort of thing. You have
    to laugh at yourself sometimes and I guess the Reptilians have a sense of
    humor after all to let the show happen. The Greys never had a sense of
    humor or anything else to begin with and it’s great to see one with a
    personality for a change, lol! “I know my job, Jeff!”, Ken Hall is
    brilliant. Seriously though, don’t piss off the Reptilians. They might
    cancel the show.

  • Tiza123m 3 years ago

    I`m just going to come out and say it : He is very tallented… But I get
    the feeling- a bit of a problem to work with.
    He`s got an attitude and he seems arrogant. Like he didn`t want to be there
    or talk to Stephen at all.
    Also- he seems to be getting into fights alot. With people he worked with.
    Who gave him a break.

  • Jeff Sorensen 3 years ago

    Already seems like a huge dick while shaking hands.

  • godzgoliath 3 years ago


  • ryan from once 3 years ago


  • thatdevilguy 3 years ago

    Why aren’t Americans funny?

  • 7373walker 3 years ago

    get Norm on! he’s in shilling mode at the moment

  • Golly Po 3 years ago

    “You’re really funny, is that natural?”
    “Why, it’s a knack.”
    “Oh right. What’s your name?”
    “Wyatt Cenac.”
    “I heard you the first time!”

  • Jeff White 3 years ago

    This is the butthurt little girl that tanked his own career after he tried
    to call Jon Stewart a racist.


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