Wu-Tang Wants Their Album Back, Jeff Sessions

Published on April 18, 2018

Attorney General Jeff Sessions finds out (the hard way) that Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ to fudge with.

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  • boonlincoln 9 months ago

    Monologue Order:
    1. The Sketch Of Stormy Daniels’ Perpetrator Looks Very Familiar
    2. Wu-Tang Wants Their Album Back, Jeff Sessions

  • Kim Jong Fun 9 months ago

    Wasn’t Jeff Sessions beheaded by Stephen last time? How is he still alive? The guy is like a cockroach.

  • Belle Serra 9 months ago

    You had me singing C.R.E.A.M and my kids were like…mom, you rapping? wtf

  • jenpenn22 9 months ago

    Feel like we need to hear to “Straight Outta Charleston”

  • Opaqueandblue From my phone 9 months ago

    Every time Stephen does his Jeff sessions impression I get this craving for cookies for some reason. Looks delicious!

  • Somme Tinonme 9 months ago

    Colbert is killing it this week …. All these guests …. the actual Jeff Sessions 😀

  • Anouk 9 months ago

    they really got wu tang talking to a cookie

  • Ry Sun 9 months ago

    Protect ya neck when Meth and Ghost on the set

  • Wolferine07 9 months ago

    Please tell me that Meth and Ghostface hung out with Comey backstage

  • Sindollx666x 9 months ago

    I felt like I had seen this story about Sessions being in possession of that Wutang album already, and I was about to skip this video when…

  • Ry Sun 9 months ago

    Method Man aka Johnny Blaze aka Hot Nickels aka Iron Lung aka Ticalian Stallion
    Ghostface Killah aka Tony Starks aka Iron Man aka Ghostd Deini aka Starky Love

  • Elle Cook 9 months ago

    Thought he was going to pull out arm patches.

  • Lalz Party 9 months ago

    Mr. Sessions. Really. Just take your grimy hands off the album.

    Otherwise I really fear your cookie won’t be the only thing to snap in half.

    Now, for a completeIy different matter, I really like the Strawberry Mets shirt.

  • Livid Imp 9 months ago

    Don’t panic, there is another two dozen Attorney’s Generals in the package.

  • arlingo 9 months ago

    I half expected a “cracker” joke.

  • ElmerFuddGun 9 months ago

    Where do I get those cookies? I’m sure I can do my part to keep the cookie crumbling.

  • Scythe Seven 9 months ago

    This is so surreal. It’s perfect.

  • Albe Van Hanoy 9 months ago

    The rumour has that, backstage, Wu-Tang Clan recruited Comey to sing for their next album, symboling the final peace at last between blacks and the police.

  • Ray Banner 9 months ago

    “Senator Sessions, I heard that you took a fall last time on The Late Show, is that true?”

    “I don’t recall”

  • Anthony Ellis 9 months ago

    The Wu Tang must recover their collection from the corrupt government official. 😲


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