Would the Founding Fathers Have Impeached Trump? | The Daily Show

Published on December 7, 2019

Jaboukie Young-White uses his crystal ball to channel the spirits of the Founding Fathers and determine whether they would have impeached President Trump. #TheDailyShow #JaboukieYoungWhite



  • Orion Foresee 7 months ago

    “Now he’s saying the n word. Not even like angry, I just don’t think he has another word for black people.”


  • Verily Grey 7 months ago

    I have a Krystal Ball too and she always speaks TRUTH. #TheRising #krystalball

  • smirk Mc flerkin 7 months ago

    Yeah he would have run his mouth and james madison would have shot him in his face.
    No question .

  • Rick JAmes 7 months ago

    They would HANG him.

  • Danielle Spargo 7 months ago

    “maybe if they did we’d be in better shape right now”

    omg this is genius, and his delivery is absolutely perfect

  • David Beppler 7 months ago

    Republicans did not do any historical research back in December 19, 1998. They just went for impeachment after asking questions that were none of their business. Subpoena Trump and ask him about anything. Then impeach him on his lies to Congress. Case closed.

  • Marion Sousa Graça 7 months ago

    Yeah, maybe listening to more Gaga is the solution…

  • sdfkjgh 7 months ago

    Jaboukie’s quoting of Lady Gaga reminded me of one of my favorite webcomics: agirlandherfed.com

    You should all give it a read.

  • Henry Kuzma 7 months ago

    this looks like an argumentative essay I would write for AP Government.

  • Harley Quinn 7 months ago

    Don’t know bout impeachment, but seriously, taking a modern view and putting it into a historical concept? How is that supposed to work? Washington owned slaves so by logic Trump could too…?

  • Jetlag Moto 7 months ago

    Something tells me the founding fathers would have impeached Obama

  • Keisha Jones 7 months ago

    These two ?

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Report on NY’s mayor exporting homeless people to other states w/ 1 year rent vouchers, after the Mayor has $1 billion for (still) homeless people unaccounted for through ThriveNYC, and ThriveNYC is expanding to other states????

  • Michael Humphrey 7 months ago

    The founding fathers would’ve voted to impeach someone like Trump and they would’ve ensured he was put before a firing squad for treason.

  • BI K 7 months ago

    The founding father’s would have said: ”Hang him from the nerrest tree!”

  • Marc Emson 7 months ago

    Trump thinks being “president” is the same as being a “CEO” of a company.

    Which is why he’s trying to run it into the ground and declare bankrupcy like with every other company he has been in charge of.

  • Thalia Rosa 7 months ago

    Founding fathers would never had allowed him to be president

  • Ban Alyunis 7 months ago

    Alexander Hamilton: Cheats on his wife, it gets out to the public, no one wanted him to be president (even though he did not want to be president) and he loses his position.

    Donald Trump: cheats on his wife, it gets out to the public, he still keeps his job as president.

  • Anthony Johnson 7 months ago


  • Afiq Terry 7 months ago

    “maybe if they did,we’ll be in better shape by now” been laughing at this statement for 5 minutes now


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