Worst Scandals in Presidential History: Obama’s Latte Salute | The Daily Show

Published on February 10, 2019

In 2014, Fox News, among others, covered a shocking calamity: President Barack Obama saluted two marines while carrying a latte in his raised hand.



  • Inspired By Nature Inspired By Nature 1 year ago

    These people are insane! This is why a Federal Standard of Education is needed immediately!

  • AZ Girl livin in a TX world! 1 year ago

    This doesnt even make me laugh. It’s just sad. I swear the right is so unbelievably hypocritical.

  • Billy Bob 1 year ago

    I’d rather be grabbing pussies

  • The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just 1 year ago

    But openly mocking them on twitter is totally cool

  • MajinCH33CKC14PPER 1 year ago

    I legit forgot that stuff like this constituted as a scandal back in the day

  • #Dax homegymmotivation 1 year ago

    Fu*king Hippocrates unless you served you wouldn’t know better. And if that’s the worst this President did what about the traitor in office “for now”. Fu*k you Fox!

  • Not2be4gotten02 1 year ago

    Oh don’t forget the time he pointed over one of those “sneeze screens” when ordering food. Oh man, how terrible.

  • Antonio Guzman 1 year ago

    Not at all disrespectful. President Obama is not a marine, he doesn’t have to follow marine protocol.

  • Ahlam Mohamed 1 year ago

    At least he made that move

  • debjoy12 1 year ago

    what about when he was on camera being interviewed by someone and he swatted at a fly?? peta had a field day with that, surely Trevor can come up with something slick. or when he called Kanye a jackass for interrupting Taylor Swift during her award. those are REAL scandals!!! ??

  • Matthew Watson 1 year ago

    Anyone else feel like we’re living in a different universe since Obama was president

  • 傭兵Cloud 1 year ago

    Chump skipped the WWI cemetery and those guys got triggered because Obama salute a marine with a coffee mug in his hand ? Pathetic.

  • Stonneal Carbon 1 year ago

    Objectively speaking it was disrespectful especially since he had a free had… But boy or boy do I miss these types of “scandles” don’t even get me started about the tan suit.

  • Your mom's favorite bbc 1 year ago

    Omg I’m so outraged!!!!!!!! How dare him!!!! How dare him!!!!!!!!

  • Prem Baba Mani 1 year ago

    At least he had the lid on.

  • Honey301 Komb 1 year ago

    Tried to demonize Obama and find fault in anything he did. No look at what they have to compare him to.

  • Whaddup Chameleon 1 year ago

    I mean it’s rude, but also not a huge deal, like everyone accidentally does something rude every once in awhile it’s not the end of the world.

  • Pokahontas 1 year ago

    Y’all can try however you want but Trump is every you wish obama would be: class, smart, handsome,well spoken, can talk in sentences, articulated, Married once, loving father and a goddamn greatest President ever????

  • James Scott Crawford 1 year ago

    Degrees or not those people were all freakin’ stupid as hell ! Yet Trump can get away with grabbing women by their €☆$$y!??????????????????

  • Joe Beddingfield 1 year ago

    All these liberals


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