Worst I Ever Bombed: Bill Burr

Published on December 16, 2015

Bill Burr shares how he once had to perform stand-up in a college cafeteria during the middle of the day.

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  • o.0 5 years ago


  • Ben Johnson 5 years ago

    .27 seconds late

  • Sammy Smith 5 years ago


  • Greg C 5 years ago

    10/10 awesome dude

  • laura n 5 years ago

    Jimmy Fallon is my high mileage crush!

  • HarryPotter Forever 5 years ago


  • root9065 5 years ago

    Just a humble great comedian. Easily in my top 3. Love you Bill.

  • Muddy Boots 5 years ago

    I love Bill burr

  • Jack1234567890 5 years ago

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  • MrKockNoker 5 years ago

    All legends suck at some point.

  • Blessing Degoh 5 years ago


  • john fru 5 years ago

    Billy redface on the tonight show? Oh Jeeshus


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