World Leaders Caught Talking S**t About Trump | The Daily Show

Published on December 4, 2019

On day two of the ongoing NATO summit, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are caught on camera trash-talking President Trump, prompting the POTUS to leave the summit early. #TheDailyShow



  • Carrie 3 years ago

    I thought Boris Johnson was his boy???? bwahahahahaha Release the pee-pee tapes now!!! Humiliation just may make him QUIT!!!

  • chemxfan 3 years ago

    Apparently, Donald never learned how to play “The Dozens” – & now he’s getting owned on the world stage…even Boris Johnson is taking shots at him.
    Damn, Donald!

  • Leon Wright 3 years ago


  • Bernie got screwed 3 years ago

    Fuck them. Pull all funding.

  • Venky Wank 3 years ago

    So… Is America great again yet?

  • jakeyboy851 3 years ago

    Wow i wonder how it feels to be trump and have the entire world either hate you or think you’re a dumbass

  • Random Videos 3 years ago

    I m not American but if this would had happen to any other us president i would be upset, but instead i m giggling cos it happened to trump.

  • Fábio Gomes 3 years ago

    How sad has the public image of America has gotten, to deserve no form of respect from world leaders. It would be nice to point all the blade to D Trump, but the truth is he did not elected all by himself, nearly 50% of the population thought it was a good Idea and 50% still thinks that it is a good idea, to be represented by a person like him.

  • adamtzsch 3 years ago

    Macron: “What a fucking prique!”

  • Arief Rakhman 3 years ago

    Make America Goofy Again.. ?
    Please keep him, I love the laughingstock..

    Greeting from non-american

  • Ibrahim Khan 3 years ago

    Trevor dear lord that green tie is distracting

  • Henden G 3 years ago

    Yo. I feel bad for Trump as a person but I’m starting to realize that I feel for him because I’m a regular human being. I don’t think it’ll ever be reciprocated. He probably cares more about that article about him than the rest of us combined. Smh

  • badguy blah 3 years ago

    Honestly IAM it’s sad… Not sure if it’s Trump or this episode that’s sadder … The fact that Trevor just dismissed the fact that a bunch of world leaders bitching about Trump behind his back isn’t just wrong and actually going on to celebrate the whole shit show… And also I think what Trump did was right, (which is rare) . He probably deserved it but If he had not left the summit after the news went public it would’ve been just sad . Also IAM just wierded out by the fact that Americans would be ok with foreign leaders shiting on Trump , he represents ur country .. even with all the disagreements we have in our country with our prime minister,(probably the worst ever) we still would feel disrespected if something like this were to happen involving him

  • Kouji Himura 3 years ago

    I haven’t seen NATO this unified on a common cause in awhile….. Good job Trump ?

  • Anthony Liang 3 years ago

    brain dead american demoncrazy elected a moron as a president.

  • Davianne's Dish 3 years ago

    If it’s NO surprise that the WORLD laughs at Donald – smash the LIKE button. If you were shocked to find this out, comment…and I’ll explain it to you like you’re 5 years old… 😉

  • Lori Duke 3 years ago

    Is used to dumbasses following him he has no idea how to act when people who are educated

  • Ricardo De luna 3 years ago

    So funny

  • Isaac stern 3 years ago

    Trump should be Impeached know

  • mikeutube7888 3 years ago

    Liberals. Just called eastern European nations loser kids table.


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