Women, COVID, and the Myth of Having It All

Published on March 3, 2021

Can women have it all? Well, not if the global pandemic has anything to say about it!! As COVID persists along with sexist pay and employment policies, women have lost most of the already little say they had in whether or not they are employed or have children. So can we please finally stop asking that stupid effing question?



  • 5%LowBattery 2 years ago

    Who says you can’t have it all? Covid childcare shutdown that’s who! — The economic toll of the collapse of the child system will be felt for 20-30 years

    Not only are women’s jobs disappearing, but women are disappearing from workplaces by quitting. While the decision to step back may seem like a “choice,” many women — facing the increased domestic responsibilities that come with sick family members, day care closures, and virtual school — describe it as anything but.

    For those who continued to work…In addition to homeschooling our kids, preparing three meals a day and cleaning up our now-much-messier homes, working parents are also expected to, you know, work. The anxiety and pressure are taking a toll on us—and many people don’t seem to get it.
    My fellow *working mom* friends and I are panicking about how we’ll meet our work deadlines while keeping up with our kids’ Google classroom assignments.

    Mom Denied Work Flexibility Asks for a Leave of Absence—And Is Fired. Now She’s Suing
    Homeschooling and remote work nearly drove her to a “breakdown.” Her company was no help.

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