Wolf Blitzer Accepts Donald Trump’s Fake News Award

Published on January 17, 2018

Donald Trump handed out his Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards after complaining that the coverage of him by the mainstream media has been negative. And, of course, one of his primary targets is CNN – so their lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer stopped by to accept the award.

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  • Lena Salas 3 years ago

    4th comment

  • evancortez2 3 years ago

    you deserve it Wolfie! Congrats! Now, if only a special award would be given to the media idiot that came up with “bomb cyclone”

  • amsetharts 3 years ago

    awesome 😀

  • Jessie Soul 3 years ago

    His parents are awesome lol

  • Cajek2 3 years ago

    I wish my parents were wolf blitzer and jimmy’s mom

  • Sam S 3 years ago

    She a milf damnnnn

  • adj789 3 years ago

    WTF is wrong with people why do we live in some bizarro reality where we don’t demand more from our news sources?

  • Ginger OConnell 3 years ago

    Americans getting their news from comedians and believing it is real. Wolfe should be ashamed as a reporter/journalist for going along with Kimmel. Kimmel and Colbert the most trusted news sources.

  • Thomas Darem 3 years ago

    Media establishment works together for the same agenda, and their goal is to spread propaganda, this should be common knowledge.

  • TSK 3 years ago

    Fun parents.

  • acquired immunity 3 years ago

    I greatly dislike trump but all these stories are in fact false and that just shows how our media has fallen and and how little journalistic integrity we have left and this is a problem, especially in the case of the ABC piece which had real implications on our stock market!! Although faux news should have been given equal attention.

  • bngltinkerbell 3 years ago

    Lol jimmy

  • Next Project Awesome 3 years ago

    “Not tonight it isnt”… epic, and probably horrific for jimmy

  • bongestrella 3 years ago

    She looks like aunt chippy

  • Abel & CAIN 3 years ago

    ” they are bored , sometimes you gotta get em out of the house” LOL

  • Freedom to Film 3 years ago

    The Nazis used both print and broadcast journalism to promote their agendas, either by obtaining ownership of those media or exerting political influence. Throughout World War II, both the Axis and the Allies employed FAKE NEWS in the form of propaganda to persuade the public at home and in enemy countries.

  • Latrell Homie dog 3 years ago

    I legit thought that was actually wolf blitzer ??????

  • Neil 3 years ago

    at some point, we need to start DEPORTiNG all trump supporters

  • LiberalStick 3 years ago

    Fake President is giving Fake news award.

  • Alma D 3 years ago

    Your parents are awesome.


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