With The Midterm Approaching, Voters Need To Ask, “Who’s Fighting For Me?” – ‘Pod Save America’

Published on August 3, 2022

The guys from ‘POd Save America,’ Jon Favreau. Jom Lovett and Tommt Vietor, wrap up their Late Show interview with a preview of what’s at stake for voters in this year’s midterm elections. Learn more about the issues and candidates on the ballot this fall via their Vote Save America initiative at http://www.votesamerica.com. #Colbert #Podcasts #PodSaveAmerica

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  • Smitty 1 year ago

    Seeing Jon in a pink skirt is so weird. Not because a guy in a skirt is weird, but because it looks like Ted Mosby in a pink skirt.

  • Daniel Prasatyo 1 year ago

    Four smart people I listen to almost every day.

  • VintageGal 73 1 year ago

    These guys are not good on their feet.

  • IW Nunn 1 year ago

    So Stephen ignored the skirt

  • Al Einstein 1 year ago

    Go talk to India and China 75% comes from them. None of this matters

  • Joe Bloggs 1 year ago

    wtf is with dress and pink shoes

  • Brian Sounalath 1 year ago

    Are his legs cold? Lol who wears shorts on a talk show?

  • croc glox 1 year ago

    Manchin. I see a birdbrain with reptile rising.

  • chevy 1 year ago

    ok i have a line and that dress just crossed it

  • Wayne Wright 1 year ago

    Enough with ‘the fist bump’–Americans fixate on such minutiae!!! If anything concerning countries and heads~of~state needs to get lost in the “twenty-four hour news cycle”, it’s ‘the fist bump’…

  • Craig Mckendrick 1 year ago

    Who are they, what’s the story with it in the middle, who or whatever else they are liberal left pod show is the main goal

  • Julezrulez101 1 year ago

    People that went off about Biden doing the fist bump are the same people who said nothing when Trump had a “friendly” golf Tournament (paid for and invited, organised by trump to have it at his golf course) with the Saudi’s. When one weighs up both behaviors of the two men, seriously I’d say Biden should be let of the hook easily.

  • Adaptive Arts 1 year ago

    It’s an important step. But it is about 12% of the original bill.

  • Laurel Robbins 1 year ago

    Four of my favorite hosts on my screen all at once – what more can I ask for? I love all of you!

  • laalaa99stl 1 year ago

    The GQP realized they’d need some of that burn pit assistance themselves after that self-administered burn.


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