William MacAskill – Caring About Future People Is Common Sense | The Daily Show

Published on September 27, 2022

“Humans are very malleable. People can be inspired to do amazing things.” Philosopher, Giving What We Can co-founder and “What We Owe The Future” author William MacAskill shares his beliefs on the “common sense” importance of helping the future generations, effective altruism and how donating more than 50% of his income isn’t a sacrifice but a reward, and effective ways to fight climate change. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Aronda Jackson 8 months ago

    I agree about the moral obligation.

  • jenerlee 8 months ago

    People should give up to 99% of their income, but vegetarian is far enough? Honestly Will, take some of your own advice and personally do more, eh?

  • Spurthi Pasham 8 months ago

    Woo Books are back. Please Interview Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard for his book Let My People Go Surfing

  • Brooke 8 months ago

    He is very cute

  • Cedric Quilal-lan 8 months ago

    first we need to ask the fundamental question, “What is a Woman”?

  • petrus arense 8 months ago

    Everything is clear whats next

  • R9 8 months ago

    I disagree with the idea of billionaires be giving 99 percent of own wealth, it is impractical and celebrates class difference , better if they were to create pragmatic real job opportunities for the poor and keep their companies green no matter the cost.

  • Steve Nickerson 8 months ago

    Fan of Rorty? Ask questions that we can answer?

  • Suzan Douglass 8 months ago

    Natives believe we need to care for the next seven generations.

  • Omer Vip 8 months ago

    I believe in ethics for it will not change but the law changes. He clicks on the right button to save future generations

  • MLG GAMER 8 months ago

    I agree with him to care about future people in the long run does make sense you’re trying to care for a next generation you don’t want them going through what we went through you want them to deal with their own set of problems rather than those set of problems plus what we didn’t solve.

  • Sharon Hall 8 months ago

    Factory farming is a major contributor to climate collapse. Go vegan for the planet.


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