Will Trump Go to War with Iran to Defend Saudi Arabia? | The Daily Show

Published on September 18, 2019

With Trump sweet on Saudi Arabia because of their trade relationship, the president and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo weigh options for a U.S. response to Iran’s rumored involvement in a Saudi oil facility attack.



  • M Masseh S 1 year ago

    They claimed it was drones now it’s misiles

  • Mad Monkey Cycling 1 year ago

    America always has gone to war for resources, not for their values

  • None None 1 year ago

    I just can’t get my news from a queer sorry just grosses me out

  • Tom Adams 1 year ago

    Whatever happened to ” we’re NOT the world police” ?!
    Whatever happened to ” the WALL”?
    Whatever happened to ” we’re going to be rich, and we’re going to keep on winning and winning till we get tired of winning …and blah blah blah “.

    We don’t give a fuck about all that blahes…just MAGA.
    Don’t put us down on MAGA.
    You (tRump) got till 2020 to MAGA.
    We don’t know how you’re going to MAGA..(just do it) ..wait…that’s NIKE ..and racist ppl don’t like NIKE. Just MAGA….or else impeach your racist lying ass.

  • tainty freshness 1 year ago

    TRUMP 2020…..TRUMP JR. 2024

  • Sorour Refahi 1 year ago

    I’m an Iranian and this man (trump) came ruined the the deal the nato had made with Iran to stop them from continuing building bombs. Iranian people don’t want another war they were happy that the terrible government was being controlled. This came and messed up everything for these poor poor people. Now that Saudi Arabia wants to go to war with Iran this man wants to stick his damn nose in it and help them. He caused this tension. Iranian government became ballsy bc of trump. For once America’s government needs to stick their nose out other countries problems bc no one is asking them for any help.

  • VIXZ777 MK99 1 year ago

    america will go to war for isreal for free

  • Singana Sizwe 1 year ago

    This guy from shit hole should be quiet. Each time he opens his mouth, you can smell the stench through the computer. How did we get there? We want him out of our house.

  • King Peppy 1 year ago

    Saudi Arabia First!

  • Ladonna Brock 1 year ago

    Trump is sooo fucking stupid!

  • Diney Mumbai 1 year ago

    USA can’t fight Iran ????
    Iran hit you 2 times

  • Unforgiving Samurai 1 year ago

    It wasn’t missiles you eiots.. It was freaking drones

  • M P 1 year ago

    If I have to hear this asshole about how much we spend on foreign affairs… please do an American Horror story on me and gauge my fucking eyes out. God what a piece of shit he is.

  • Jose Hernandez 1 year ago

    dont fake to not know what he is talking about. Its economy something we all need. your welcome

  • Robert Cox 1 year ago

    This Is Why No One Except Maybe Some Little Old Ladies Do Not Trust The Media

  • Yukeman MacKenzie 1 year ago

    Nah Bruh you just gotta get a gm that can trade

  • wardogs161 1 year ago

    War is a Business! The Saudi’s buys most of their military weapons from the US.

  • Hidden Hawaiian 1 year ago

    This guy isn’t funny I give him a chance but he really isn’t funny. I don’t even like Trump I’m waiting for good Trump jokes but he just has bad jokes.

  • Jerome Lewis 1 year ago

    umm this concept isn’t new nor a skit , America has always been selling arms to other countries ..and war has always been a huge contract for profit..but i do like how the daily show presented it to the public as if its a “possible” concept lol

  • Aarón Martínez 1 year ago

    Does this mark the day where the Patriots become an industry of war? So we’re pretty much in the begging of mgs4


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