Will Trump Get Booed? Veterans Edition! | Full Frontal on TBS

Published on November 14, 2019

Trump was booed at the World Series and a UFC fight but cheered at an Alabama game. Allana Harkin went to the 2019 Veterans Day Parade in New York City this past week to see if Trump could bring his record to 2-2.



  • Magnolia Mississippi 8 months ago


  • Adam Gardiner 8 months ago

    The only good Trump is a dead Trump. Metaphorically speaking.

    Also not.

  • MyQueenFreddieMercury 8 months ago

    He ONLY wasn’t booed at the Alabama game because an email went out warning everyone that there would be punishment if they did so. That might have an affect on things…

  • Jesse Torres 8 months ago

    Actually, the Alabama University sent a letter to all student groups and organizations that if any of their members protested Trump at the college football game, their entire group would be banned from attending any of the remaining games of the season. So, the university cares more about pleasing President Trump’s fragile ego more than upholding the 1st Amendment rights of their students who pay them to attend school and play football!

  • Phil Stehle 8 months ago

    All veterans should vote against this lying inept deferment aided fool ,I’m a 20yr usaf vet and I saw right through his con of America, and this fool and his kids have access to top secret material, it’s a disaster waiting to happen

  • Steve Chance 8 months ago

    I would say that was The LSU game, and the scoreboard would agree. ?


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