Will The Red Sox Go To The White House?

Published on October 30, 2018

Before the Boston Red Sox could fully celebrate their World Series win, their third base coach sent sent some signals about their potential White House visit.

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  • Jaser Cervantes 10 months ago

    0:32 Pretty sure that’s just a nazi solute…

  • New Message 10 months ago

    I’d only have one hand sign to give, m’self.

  • Raven Claw 10 months ago

    I guess they both get a prize 😆

  • vmah0111 10 months ago

    If you listen to Russel Peters stand up the “Pinocchio” is also what deaf people use as sign language for Jewish people. So in conclusion deaf people are racist thank you.

    /s (for those about to @me into oblivion)

  • Richard Komendanchik 10 months ago

    Hello YouTube, hope your day is going well.

  • Bromega Playlist 10 months ago

    Going to white house…umm… let the team decide, why should the captain tell them. I wanna know.

  • boomslangCA 10 months ago

    I love these things Stephen’s guys do. They make my day and keep me from putting my gun in my mouth.. just kidding about the gun… the comedy is the best.

  • Jacob Black 10 months ago

    🏃 to vote Replican in midtrums.

  • gnuibrunst 10 months ago

    really america? You call it the WORLD series? no wonder you guys think you are the best at everything 🙂

  • tchristian04 10 months ago

    Sounds like a veiled threat to attack the Red Sox, or any team that doesn’t toe the leftist party line

  • melbatoast667 10 months ago

    Welp, this Angeleno suddenly doesn’t feel so bad about the loss.

  • Sander Lansberg 10 months ago

    I know nothing about baseball, I’m european. But I’m guessing the yankee fans were all rooting for the Red sox?


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