Will Smith Explains His Positive Take On Oscars Race Debate – The Graham Norton Show

Published on January 29, 2016

Will discusses his positive forward-looking take on the controversy surrounding this year’s Oscars.

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  • Thomas Woods 4 years ago

    Pray for my sister

    She’s not unwell she just likes black guys.

  • Consolized 4 years ago

    his wife was butthurt

  • Harry Bergsma 4 years ago

    The only racist thing in this whole controversy is the fact that there is a
    controversy. Every men and women nominated for the Oscars deserved it. I
    don’t know who you could replace to put Will Smith among the nominees

  • Ismail Sarikaya 4 years ago

    well that means that the academy has to nominate at least one person of
    respectively every race represented in the us, otherwise they’re racists?

  • guzmank6 4 years ago

    I think this Oscars debate is so blown out of proportion. Basically all of
    the actors/actresses who were nominated deserved it (maybe Idris Elba in
    Beasts of No Nation). There weren’t really any spectacular performances
    this year by black performers and that’s okay. It’s not a racist thing,
    just a level of perfomance thing. Look up Ice Cube’s interview on Graham
    Norton’s cause he said it best

  • Justin Ayala 4 years ago

    spoiled children is all they are….self entitled spoiled children

  • Lvx Ferre 4 years ago

    TL;DW: Will Smith advocates affirmative action in Hollywood.

  • georgem 4 years ago

    he talks like a politician. So many words without any substance, just
    appeals to emotions. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and his wife soon
    announce some political aspirations.

  • jenna m 4 years ago

    imo his performance in concussion didn’t warrant a nomination… his accent
    kept going in and out throughout the movie :/

  • RapsTaps 4 years ago

    deadshot meet deadpool

  • The Krowing 4 years ago

    I don’t think the oscars are anti black, the are however anti Leonardo

  • Batman 4 years ago

    As my grandmother said


  • Jarmo Verriet 4 years ago

    I’m gonna boycot the NBA for not having enough white players.

  • TheoKabala89 4 years ago

    The Oscars like any other award show is subjective, and doesn’t reflect the
    majority of the opinions of movie goers. Time to move now.

  • Praetor Lupus 4 years ago

    there is 13% blacks in the usa… and 10% of the oscars have been given to
    black people… proportional respresentation. what you want however is
    special dispensation for the fact you are black.

  • kitty keitel 4 years ago

    ”the media creates the ‘us’ and ‘them”’ Yep. They certainly do. That’s
    where most of the problems start

  • Jack Davids 4 years ago

    Why did norton say wise man??!!!!! That felt awkward

  • shinigamieyeskill 4 years ago

    They should make an award for people who whine ?

  • Pashow 4 years ago

    Or maybe the Oscars are awarded based on the skills of the actors, and it
    just so happened that all the best actors this year were white.

  • flabuloza 4 years ago

    so tired of the “Smiths” trying to look intelectual or creative (when there
    are some really creative people making a diference), spoild narcissistic
    people, they are like the new Kardashians

  • Olivia Mac Arthur 4 years ago

    I do believe idris Elba or Sam Jackson deserved a nomination but with this
    whole controversy people do forget that there was black people nominated
    this year, they just worked behind the scenes doing equally important jobs
    as those in front of the camera

  • Simon Yip 4 years ago

    The guys just mad because he didn’t get nominated

  • AsciiGDL 4 years ago

    There’s also the posibility that none of the non-white actors were good
    enough; ever thought about that? At some point all the nominees could be
    non-white and I’m sure no one will make a fuss about it; have we come to
    the point they will have to nominate people from different etnicities just
    so no one gets mad regardless of if they deserve it or not?

  • Filip Scherhaufer 4 years ago

    The Academy thought that, redmayne, cranston, damon, dicaprio and
    fassbender were better than smith, thats how it is, not because he is
    black… I dont know why is everybody talking about it, it is normal it is
    not racist, everybody has different opinion about who was the best and this
    is how academy thinks it was. There are not black and white, we are all the
    same. Next year may be everybody black, it depends about how great actor
    you are not which color you have! btw Sorry for english. Hope you get what
    i meant.

  • Titan Coral 4 years ago

    wah.. wah…. “I didn’t get nominated so I’m making a scene that they’re
    racist and going backwards…. “Yawn…
    Most nominees deserved it, and he can’t expect that someone will get a
    nomination just cause of their skin color.
    Of course, if you take a step back and look at the winner and nominations-
    women’s films/stories are at the bottom of the list.

    This year has a strong quality nominees, and Smith doesn’t deserve to be
    among them.

  • The Green Knight 4 years ago

    If anyone on that couch deserves an Oscar it’s Toby Jones..He’s a better
    actor than Will Smith and the rest of the guests put together.

  • ZefVolk 4 years ago

    If Will Smith had been nominated for an oscar this year would he be

  • winkerbean1 4 years ago

    So over this topic.

  • Michael Casey 4 years ago

    Ice Cubes explanation made much more sense. All I can hear is a rich
    spoiled entitled overrated actor frustrated by the fact that he didn’t get
    nominated for his underwhelming performance in Concussion

  • Adam DiMarco 4 years ago

    does the BET channel not create separatism? double standard. bet awards or
    whatever their called.

  • rolybling 4 years ago

    Will nailed it when he said the media create the storm. If Graham hadn’t
    asked him about it we wouldn’t all be here discussing it further, adding
    more fuel to the fire and not really getting anywhere. A good actor doesn’t
    make movies to receive awards they make them because they love them and
    love the reaction they get from fans and audiences, not because they think
    they’ll get an Oscar.

  • Mo May 4 years ago

    Will Smith’s ego is out of control. And I am black! And I doubt that was a
    good accent in concussion. Celebrities don’t need all these trophies on top
    of fame and riches anyway. Good day Smith!

  • Christopher Arsenio Sheppard 4 years ago

    People are trying to make sense of this Oscar situation. .. The point is
    the Oscars imply lack diversity .. plain and simple…. in every
    department. Take “Straight out of Compton” cast for example. .. not one
    cast member has been invited to the Oscars… However, the writers were, at
    least white ones..

    Its impossible to invite every actor. . I get it. Not to mention, for me…
    the movie is extremely mediocre. However the cultural mpact that the film
    has had on the people… is that not.award worthy ? if not, what is ??

  • birhan2006 4 years ago

    This is the most stupidest thing to come out of stupid people. I mean, if
    the majority of the people, for whatever reason put in place to select,
    selected films and performers then that is what it is. There is no crying
    abut that. Otherwise, next time if you are selected, it wouldn’t be clear
    if it’s because of excellency or “diversity”.

  • Em Elle 4 years ago

    … lost all respect for will smith… he doesn’t get the Hollywood
    treatment of being nominated and goes and plays the race card… think he
    needs to realize that he just wasn’t that good in Concussion and if he ever
    wins an Oscar, it will be because of his skin color and not merit!

  • xXFoxyGrandmaXx 4 years ago

    Why are they complaining about no black actors? Why no hispanic actors?
    Benicio del Torro was good in Sicario, why no boycott for him? Is it
    because black people are more important than him?
    It will always be this thing of Black v White, but everyone else, who cares
    about them right? Wrong -.-

  • Ron Gabriel 4 years ago

    Pls explain what will smith said in the english language

  • bilibili68 4 years ago

    I don’t think that the problem here is with the Academy, despite most
    people trying to defend the Academy in the comments section. The problem is
    that the entertainment industry isn’t diverse enough, so the Academy
    doesn’t get the chance to nominate anyone that is not white. So what needs
    fixing here is mostly the industry itself, and not the Academy per se.

  • Stephen Carmickle 4 years ago

    Nothing he said means anything.

  • saad alrashed 4 years ago

    Quran is a wonderful

  • Sadaque Khan 4 years ago

    celebrities are such big babies, when they can’t get their way.

  • LizzieWhiz 4 years ago

    OK Will Smith if what you say is rue why do you and your wife who own “a
    huge production company that you only produce your friends, your family,
    and yourself. So you are a part of Hollywood, you are a part of the system
    that is unfair to other actors”, so say Janet Hubert AKA Aunty Viv on “The
    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,

  • Ralph Cleope 4 years ago

    Oh you americans, with your racism and caring about how a bunch of overpaid
    actors feel.

  • xoxo2008oxox 4 years ago

    Oscars are for weiners!

  • Messofanego 4 years ago

    It’s funny/sad to see in the comments section justifying the Academy’s lack
    of diversity in nominations with the same exact logic said by Academy
    voters who happen to be 60+ white men. Youtube is a pretty conservative

  • TrueMedia 4 years ago

    As soon as Ice Cube gives his verdict, Will Smith dilutes his view.

  • Julie Eagle 4 years ago

    But his production co. is mostly black ! Be fair !

  • mwells219 4 years ago

    Nobody is entitled to what they deem as equal representation by any private
    organization. There is simply no logical argument against this. The world
    is under no requirement to meet any individual’s personal requirement for

  • ReiK0Z 4 years ago



  • Nicki Minaj 4 years ago

    This man does not age ???

  • AJ N 4 years ago

    Sigh, all these comments trashing Will, saying he doesn’t deserve to be
    nominated. Like STFU and take a seat, you know nothing about racial issues
    in Hollywood..What about Straight Outta Compton?! The actors should have
    been nominated!

  • Dejay Rezme 4 years ago

    “Diversity is americas superpower”. Well maybe there should be a super hero
    movie where the guy can change the color of his skin between white, black
    and hispanic and asian lol.

  • Sue Nami 4 years ago

    Will smith is such a racist buffoon!

  • D. Foxx 4 years ago

    WILL IS A MEMBER OF THE ACADEMY! Do you guys really think he would go
    against the Academy like Jada did? Why do you think he’s so optimistic and
    positive towards the situation? I bet he’s disappointed in Jada for having
    the worst timing. And stop acting like Will is complaining, when he hardly
    cares about being nominated. He’s been snubbed before, guys (Seven Pounds)

  • Iphia Carlene 4 years ago

    These comments are so ridiculous. Jada did not make any comment that was
    not already uttered by other POC. So what her husband did not get nominated
    this year. He has been nominated twice and each time Will Smith loss the
    Oscar to another Black actor!!
    Jada was pointing out this OBVIOUS and make a suggestion that many other
    POC have been stating for years.

  • David Bales 4 years ago

    Wake me up when Benedict Cumberbatch wins a BET award. Freaking racist,

  • Malcolm Swoboda 4 years ago

    I demand more Scientologist awards.

  • Invinciblez18 4 years ago

    Be fair people. His wife said shes boycotting what do you expect duke to
    do? Sorry darling you can stay at home but I’m going to the…er…the

  • Gared Stark 4 years ago

    I feel like he doesn’t care but his wife made a big deal out of it so he
    has to back her up

  • Bret .Maverick 4 years ago

    Who cares? Some of the rich and famous didn’t get a chance to win a
    little statue. What rough lives they have.

  • PiCheZvara 4 years ago

    Oh come on. He’s dancing around with his answer like a sixth grader trying
    to explain why he didn’t do his homework when caught. He didn’t say nothing
    of substance, just empty phrases.

    There is no regression – that’s just BS Smith came up with because he
    somehow has to justify his pointless and idiotic boycott. And deep inside,
    he knows he overreacted, but instead of admitting it, he’s now still acting
    as if the issue on hand really was there and really deserved attention.So
    we have some artificially manufactured issue that will be pushed in the
    media by celebrities without there being any real issue in the first place.
    The entire thing is basically a problem of a few celebrities whose ego got
    hurt because they weren’t nominated for an Oscar and they tried to
    masquerade this as some philanthropic battle for equality. GTFOH.

    A f’n mad house this world can be sometimes.

  • Johnny Hunter 4 years ago

    The Oscars are really to Jewish.

  • tkmaz 4 years ago

    I do agree about the regression, I find it confusing because it feels very
    However, I don’t feel I can boycott something because I didn’t like the way
    something turned out. I mean, I can just NOT go…but to boycott? Ehhh…

  • Mona P Denali 4 years ago

    when will smith talks about the oscar controversy his voice seems hindered
    but if you notice he talks normally talking about anything else you can see
    immediately after when he mentions his grandma any ideas why?

  • Brianna Nechelle 4 years ago

    Very disheartened by the negativity in the comments. What Will is talking
    about is so very much true, the United States is regressing back instead of
    progressing and it’s very sad to see the media partake in the seperation of
    the American people. Regarding the Oscars, for many years there has been a
    lack of inclusion and it’s very odd looking back at the mid 2000’s and
    seeing an inclusion of all and then in the present we se the total opposite
    of progression. Just a thought. I love what Will says at the end about his

  • Detective Hawk 4 years ago

    Will’s accent was horrible and didn’t deserve a nomination this year. But I
    agree with him

  • grimbledore 4 years ago

    Has anybody realised that when Will talks of his grandmother’s saying,
    Graham replies “wise man”. Ooops

  • Ged Kenny 4 years ago

    his Grandmother said “If you lead with love and light only good can come
    out of it” to which Graham replied “Ohhh, wise man” hahaha

  • dmi5151988 4 years ago

    And he’s contradicting himself the entire time talking.

  • bigmassivebrid 4 years ago

    Graham called Will Smith’s grandma a man…L O L!!

  • Liv Walker 4 years ago

    And this is why I love Will Smith.

  • Reko Sri 4 years ago

    This man is a legend!

  • Alexander Mayes 4 years ago

    This is Will.
    Will is upset that he won’t win an award.
    Will takes those things very seriously.
    Will’s wife makes a film saying that things need to change.
    And then Will blames the media for “us and them”.
    But Will simply wasn’t a good actor this year.

    Don’t be like Will.

  • James Orlando 4 years ago

    Ice cube was the better rapper and had a much better response to this. You
    have to judge the performance not the ethnic background. The 100m final in
    the olympics is pretty much all black every 4 years. Why is this? Because
    black men are superior sprint athletes just as east asian men are more
    agile so dominate table tennis at the olympics.

  • Slylok 4 years ago

    Make better movies? Act better? This is turning into Elementary School
    where everyone gets participation trophies. How many Asians were invited?
    Indian? Mexicans? Italians? How many from non AAA productions? There are
    some really good actors that just dont appear in this big time movies ( non
    theater releases ).. Maybe the diversity would pick up a bit if it wasnt
    mainly just whatever the mainstream sector was vomiting out.

  • Towson Tiger 4 years ago

    This interview is proof that Jada beats will

  • Ari St. Rui 4 years ago

    please tell me that im not the only one that thinks that he looks high af!
    i mean the eyes or he crie before this?

  • Geek Chat 4 years ago

    I find this ridiculous! The Oscars were not ‘racist’ for not having any
    black people nominated. People boycotting it for ‘equality reasons’ really
    annoys me! The truth is that – THERE WERE NOT ANY BLACK ACTORS WHO WERE
    GOOD ENOUGH!! It is not racist or discriminatory, IT IS A COMPETITION!
    Competitions have winners and losers and to pull a racist card is really
    low. You never see white people boycotting events such as the MOBO Awards
    which white people have won and are rarely nominated. Will Smith has been
    an idiot boycotting the Oscars and it shows that he is a pathetic person
    who cannot handle losing. LOOK AT ICE CUBE’S THOUGHTS ON THE ISSUE, HE

  • Hollyweed 4 years ago

    What a wise man her grandmother is!!! ?

  • Karla 4 years ago

    Why do Will’s white part of his eyes look like his skin? lol

  • Malron 4 years ago

    He just wasn’t happy that he didn’t get nominated let’s get real people

  • johnny blaze 4 years ago

    i thought he’d cry

  • King Kula 4 years ago

    Nobody heard Graham call Will’s grandma a “nice man”? K den.

  • Phoenix Janvier 4 years ago


  • Cesar Delgado 4 years ago

    Didn’t it turn out that if you only take into consideration of american men
    who have won this award since 2000, black american men are actually
    overrepresented when it comes to winning the award? I mean, I think that
    only around 9-11 american men have won an oscar for a lead role since 2000,
    3 of them it went to a black man.

  • Maricela Nuñez 4 years ago

    I feel Will Smith is uncomfortable about the whole oscar conversation.

  • ZARAθUŠTRA 4 years ago

    So this was the finally straw, eh? If the outrage is so great then they
    should’ve been saying things a long time ago. Maybe 2013 when 12 Years A
    Slave won, together with its black writer, and its black leading actress?
    Look. There is a systematic problem with the industry and the production
    companies that hire white, “beautiful” people, I agree, but that’s why you
    go after the SYSTEm and not some academy or guild that highlights
    performances. You can’t just have diversity in competition because it feels
    good, you must have it because its deserved. To give a black person an
    academy just because he’s black is just as bad as to NOT give him one
    because he’s black. And please don’t think that I love the Oscars much or
    anything, they are flawed too. But let’s have some perspective. This was
    just a wife crying over the fact that her husband didn’t get nominated.

  • João Moutinho 4 years ago

    i can’t even imagine if Leonardo DiCaprio was black… there would be a
    world wide boycott in which no black people would go to the cinemas until
    he won an award.

  • skibidido 4 years ago

    The amount of black actors in major roles in major hollywood production is
    about 9%, while 10% of nominees and 15% of the winners are black. Oscars
    are racist towards blacks because there is only a slight

  • Remakes 4 years ago

    Stop with the Im black threat me better

  • Panda 4 years ago

    The fact of the matter is, Will Smith did not deserve an Oscar for his
    performance. It wasn’t Oscar worthy. However, if Idris Elba( Beast of No
    Nations) or Samuel L. Jackson( The hateful eight) then I would understand
    the reason to boycott.

  • jack 67 4 years ago

    Will Smith’s Grandmother is a wise man.

  • Mikkel Mathisen 4 years ago

    You’re A Naturan. Hi, what’s up?” badge test What’s happening./ !!

  • wilson suarez 4 years ago

    My grandma always said….blah blah light. mm wise man!

  • Nikitoz9595 4 years ago

    Dividing oscar participants on white and black is racist in the first

  • David Newton 4 years ago

    Yea, Will Smith’s grandmother is a wise man

  • Jesse Bowman 4 years ago

    Still the slave mentality trying to take it to the white masters and the
    little half breed bastards trying to earn the respect of their white
    fathers family members.

  • Marco Chavez Jr 4 years ago



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