Will Smith and Chris Rock Conspiracy Theories, Trump’s Phone Records & Don’t Say Gay Bill Signed

Published on March 29, 2022

Heads have stopped spinning as a result of what happened at the Oscars on Sunday between Will Smith & Chris Rock, some people believe that the slap was fake and there are various conspiracy theories about what actually happened, a lot of major moments at the Oscars were overshadowed because of the event, Trump claims to have made a hole-in-one at his golf club in West Pam Beach, Donald’s phone records from January 6th show a seven hour phone gap, Jared Kushner is expected to appear before the House Select Committee this week, Herschel Walker & Marjorie Taylor Greene were on hand at the Trump Rally in Georgia over the weekend, the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill was signed into law in Florida yesterday, the next Blue Origin flight was scheduled for today but had to be moved, and Tony winner Jason Alexander & George Takei star in the new Broadway musical about America’s baldest billionaire, Jeff Bezos.

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  • Candace Covington 🖊️ 2 years ago

    7:25 a small crowd ?? That looks packed to me

  • Judi Biggerstaff 2 years ago

    Jimmy, or at least one of his writers, is obsessed with penises. Mentions almost every night.

  • William Armington 2 years ago

    again super funny Kimmel is it great love these spots

  • Metalhefe 2 years ago

    Chris not holding his face, an instant reply instead of speechless, Will turning his back on someone he just slapped, Will strutting away comically, Oscars losing public interest, Will wanting publicity with failed attention getting stunts recently, all led to this fake moment.
    Remember Kanye and Taylor? Same fake event. Smh

  • Barely Clothed 2 years ago

    I don’t know.. a live chicken on the moon sounds pretty crazy.

  • Buck Futter 2 years ago

    Having George Takei play William Shatner was a genius move

  • NOAH R 2 years ago

    No stupid little kids kneed to know the difference between boys and girls. Their not teaching these kids crushes on one sex or the other.

  • Christina Snow 2 years ago

    You know honestly as a society, we need to realize what is important.
    This is just honestly just shows me how lost our society is.
    I honestly have given up and I am also glad that I don’t have children. I knew earlier that this would come. I would be a wreck if I had kids…I am already am a wreck with regard to our society.

  • Aadil Farooqui 2 years ago

    Chris Rock’s show at Boston is now the most anticipated show of this year more than OSCARS and everything

  • Random_User 2 years ago

    How is this show not dead yet? Are we still making trump jokes????

  • d boehm 2 years ago

    It was staged to give attention to the Oscars. Their viewership has drastically declined. Several awards shows have done stuff like this. I don’t believe it wasn’t planned.

  • Kelly 2 years ago

    rumor has it that the last time trump bent down to touch the ground was back sometime in the 70’s

  • ed !! right 2 years ago

    Jimmy Kimball you funny guy you

  • v s 2 years ago

    Black on black is normal

  • Random Bros 2 years ago

    One day Jeff Bezos will become Jeff Pesos.


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