Will Jeff Bezos Release “The Apprentice” Tapes To Shame The Former President?

Published on May 25, 2021

Why would one of the world’s richest men pay almost twice the value for a struggling movie studio? Perhaps Jeff Bezos wanted to get his hands on outtakes from “The Apprentice,” rumored to contain filthy, racist comments by the former president. #Colbert #BTSonLSSC #Monologue

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  • Necrophiliac in_lace 3 years ago

    MTG always looks like she’s doing a WWE event. which is perfect for someone as phony as Greene is

  • Eric W 3 years ago

    Releasing racist rants from trump…like that would do ANYTHING other than make his cult love him more…

  • Michelle Butcher 3 years ago

    If I don’t get a poncho I’ll be pissed

  • The Nd 3 years ago

    Lol that was fecking good

  • Rebar77 3 years ago

    Make stupidity embarrassing again!

  • hope jackson 3 years ago

    This was good.

  • Bearded Bear 3 years ago

    Imagine what he could do with those billions If he wasn’t a sociopath having a silly little feud with Trump.

    Trump deserves enemies don’t get me wrong. But he’s overpaying by 4 Billion. Any one of those billions could change the world. He could buy the entire rainforest, force out the loggers and replant every last tree. And still have change.

  • Bernd321ful 3 years ago

    But when is 99% surviable that means over 3 million dead american citizens are acceptable for MTG only why she dont want wear a mask? What is wrong with GOP?

  • cale 3 years ago

    as a jewish person and a american im disgusted with greene

  • brandon day 3 years ago

    So, she equates getting a vaccine to help save lives with a gold star to help kill them…How does she view social security numbers to help keep illegal immigrants out?

  • Alana994 Aj 3 years ago

    Why on earth would you want to vote Republicans , they appear irrational nut freaks especially Taylor Greeene

  • whitestar618 3 years ago

    time for an austin powers movie- richard marx for the new evil villain and Hall and Oates as 1 and 2. make it so!

  • Asle Fjeldstad 3 years ago

    MTG is a professional Karen.

  • Tony Pepperoni 3 years ago

    he was right about covid coming from a lab
    this makes Colbert fake 9propaganda) news.

  • Stacia Smith 3 years ago

    I don’t like Bezos. Amazon is so anti union and anti worker meanwhile his no tax paying ass is building a $500,000,000 yacht. That being said, I’m here for Bezos releasing those tapes too, even though the Trumpists are salivating over the thought and would love to hear it. That’s why they fell for Trump in the first place. Also I, along with millions of other people, adore Rand Paul’s former neighbor. Sorry not sorry.


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