Will Forte on New Baby, Surprise Wedding, Lifelong Yogurt Obligation & Being Naked in MacGruber

Published on December 10, 2021

Will talks about having a baby girl, being a contestant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” learning that his dad was into Broadway musicals, surprising his whole family with his wedding, being naked a lot in the “MacGruber” TV series, and someone paying over $100,000 for the Boys & Girls Club to get yogurt with him twice a year.


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  • Jennifer McGoldrick 12 months ago

    Last Man on Earth is a masterpiece that should have continued for 2+ years, and we are all at a loss for its untimely ending 😣☺️😌

  • Vidya Ramadhanty 12 months ago

    If Macgruber is success, Peacock should be taking Last man on earth from FOX

  • Workingto Seethelight 12 months ago

    With inflation and supply chain issues, yogurt will be nothing but a fond memory soon enough…

  • Anthony Daramola 12 months ago

    In a twist of fate, Will Forte keeps leaving voicemails and showing up in stalker like, creepy situations asking “When are we going for that yogurt Eric? Why are you blocking my calls?!”

  • Alex Bonafonte 12 months ago

    I’m naming my next …cat MacGruber !!!!

  • Hunter Deane 12 months ago

    MacGruber was my favorite movie I like when I was a teenager.

  • Hettie de Korte 12 months ago

    Will Forte is so funny.

  • Asad Mahmood 12 months ago

    Dear bothers and sisters, I am very concerned about the comment made by “Jimmy Kimmel” hours ago about how “…unlike the Quran, Christians don’t base their faith on PINE TREES”. No one has said anything so should I just ignore this comment?

  • o o 12 months ago

    who he?

  • ThE DuCk 12 months ago

    DUDE !! You left us high and dry on a cliffhanger with The Last Man On Earth ..arrguuh !

  • Adam Potter 12 months ago

    They need a reboot of ThebMunsters using Brad Garrett for Herman.

  • Humorous Boris 12 months ago

    8 episodes on Peacock you say? Well, let me pull the money right out of my patooey and sign up. I’m sure it’ll totally be worth it.

  • Ryan M 12 months ago

    Still miss Last Man on Earth

  • JoAnne Weiss 12 months ago

    Now that I’m retired & always loved this natural comedian & sweet human, I’m FINALLY going to watch Last Man & MacGruber❤️

  • Tahelle Wythet 12 months ago

    Last Man on Earth must have been a portal opening show.

  • Rigsby 1 12 months ago


  • Vuk Jovanovic 12 months ago


  • Jon Allen 12 months ago

    That freaking turkey hid that from me. 😂

  • Latasha Baade 12 months ago

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