Will Forte Feared His Daughter Would Look Like Him

Published on June 10, 2021

Will Forte shares his excitement to start filming the MacGruber series, gushes over filming his new show Sweet Tooth and reveals his thoughts on fatherhood.

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  • Jasta Ykotuce 1 year ago

    Tlmoe needs to come back and finish please

  • Jasta Ykotuce 1 year ago

    More will forte and kristen Wiig stuff coming I’m so excited

  • The Nd 1 year ago

    I like how he cool happy in one thumbnail and sad in the other lol

  • Addie Alexander 1 year ago

    “We’re gonna wreck so many careers!” Lol I love him.

  • T BZ 1 year ago

    2:19 Bless you! 🤧

  • CaliCruzin 1 year ago

    Yaaahhh #Sweettooth 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽hope there is a season 2💐🥂🌸❤️

  • RawDog 1 year ago

    Last Man On Earth deserved the chance to finish the story. I loved that show.

  • Anything Goes by CMG 1 year ago

    Probably because I stopped being a fan of him, but just today I just learned Will Forte has a daughter?

  • FirestoneX 1 year ago

    Ask Will if Last Man on Earth had 1 more season what would happen and how would it wrap up.

  • black bird 1 year ago

    I’ve seen people pick scabs till they bleed and it’s been more enjoyable than watching even one minute of MacGruber. How anyone finds this crap funny for more than an SNL sketch is beyond me.

  • Pongant 1 year ago

    Sorry Leute:
    – “Will forte!”
    – “Okay, Biden”

  • Rich Giorgi 1 year ago

    My grandfather used to say “you musta been a beautiful baby, ‘cause you can’t be ugly twice”

  • theterms321 1 year ago

    Please give us one last season of the last man on earth the last episode was a cliff hanger

  • Joan Liebe-Cairns 1 year ago

    Sweet Tooth is so awesome! Love it! I hope they film season two soon! 🦌

  • bluhousworker 1 year ago

    I love Will Forte the same way I love salt taffy, every day that ends with Y thank you.

  • keisha 21 1 year ago

    SWEET TOOTH WAS AMAZING AND HEARTBREAKING, im not okay with only 1 season

  • Tania Flores 1 year ago

    Love Will Forte and Kristen Wigg


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